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It's that time of year again! Time for a whole bunch of men, women, and children to get together in a gym and throw a lot of stuff around. Yep! It's the annual Congress of Jugglers, sponsored by the University of Maryland juggling club and attended by jugglers from all over the place. The Baltimore Jugglers were well represented, as was the U.S. Department of Juggling, the Fairfax Jugglers, the Columbia Juggling Club, and many others.

This year there were lots of unicyclists. There were regular unicycles, tiny unicycles, tall unicycles, and unicycles without seats.


This is not your usual bike.

There were also juggling whiz kids in great abundance -- 14-year olds juggling seven balls, 7-year olds juggling five balls, brother and sister teams passing, tiny little girls riding unicycles, tweens spinning diablos like they'd been doing it forever -- all of them making us old farts feel just the tiniest bit inadequate.

You know, it's really not very nice to hate a child, but...

Never mind. There are more pictures of the fun here.

The show was lots of fun. I must admit that the members of the Maryland Gymkana troupe certainly know how to wear tank tops, never mind their incredible acrobatic skill.

The juggling was excellent; it included everything from cigar box juggling to knife juggling to diabolo spinning to contortion to jousting on unicycles.

And I actually juggled!