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Leap Year Love List

Two of the three projects that I was stressing over are DONE and DONE! I love that. And I love lots of other things on this Leap Day: Salt. I am a saltaholic, and don't give me any crap about it. The meds control the blood pressure, thanks. Salt bagels are the best, pretzels are no good without salt, and a good steak requires a liberal dusting of the precious mineral. I should just install... Read more →

Stress Is Overrated

I just realized that I didn't anoint the winner of the latest lyrics quiz from Monday's post. If you recall, the lyric was: Bzz, bzz, ouch! Yep, it's a real lyric. I wasn't at all surprised that the lovely and talented Golfwidow got the title right; it's I'm Very Sensitive to Bees. The artist, I admit, was more challenging. It's Marzipan, a character from Homestar Runner. She sings it on a nifty little album called... Read more →

Crazy Eights

That gay chick over there thinks my answers to this Crazy Eights meme will be interesting. Okay then! I hope they're a little interesting at least. It's been a long, stressful, ridiculous day and I'm really pretty much wiped, so no guarantees. Ready? Here we go. 8 Things I’m Passionate About Joe -- in a really passionate sort of way SonnyeBoy -- in a really mom sort of way Feminism -- in a women's rights... Read more →

Ten Things About The Oscars

I watched every damn minute of the 80th Academy Awards last night. Given that I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture and that I didn't participate in any Oscar pools this year, it's not surprising that I wasn't particularly invested in who won what. Nope -- it was the dresses and the people and the show that drew me in, so here are ten things about that stuff. None... Read more →

Renegade Apostrophe II

I saw this sign on a bulletin board at a middle school. If a teacher created it, I weep for the profession. If a student created it, where the hell was the teacher? I won't get into the lack of a comma after the introductory phrase or the misuse of the ellipsis. I hope the cartoons are better than the grammar. It makes me cranky to see the noble apostrophe so mistreated, creating possessives when... Read more →

I Heart Stress Tests

First, the nurse opened up a nice porthole into my arm for easy injection of the nuclear imaging agent radioactive isotope glowy stuff. Then she cleaned off the spots where the heart doohickeys went, even sanding my skin to ensure a nice seal. Finally, she hooked me up to the heart monitor. I've been wired before, but not like this. The monitor immediately began spitting out EKGs. The doc came in, along with the tech,... Read more →


I had the first part of my cardiac stress test today. Oh, did I forget to talk about the cardiac stress test? Yeah, I'm having one. I've been having some pain in the chestal area, so I figured it might be a good idea to tell my doc. He did an EKG (normal), and listened to my symptoms (odd), and looked at my cholesterol (135! I rule!) and is 90% sure it's not my heart.... Read more →

Sitting On My Ass

I have the day off today, thanks to Presidents Washington and Lincoln, and I am using this time to sit on my ass. The house is a wreck, the tub is inches away from growing new life forms, and my car's hood doesn't latch completely so I have tied it down with a shoelace. And yet, I am sitting on my ass. I have not been completely lazy, though. I did SonnyeBoy's taxes for him... Read more →

Another Long Weekend Love List

The day started early -- an 8:00 meeting, f'cryin' out loud -- so I'm winding down the day and getting ready to head into the sunset and a three-day weekend (thanks, presidents!). I love three-day weekends, and I also love the Friday love list: My new windshield miracle wipers -- the combination of Rainx windshield treatment and the Rainx wipers make for a clear, clear view of the road no matter the weather. I will... Read more →

In Spite of Ourselves

In spite of ourselves, we'll end up sittin' on a rainbow! Against all odds, honey, we're the big door prize. We'll gonna spite the noses right off of our faces, Won't be nothin' but big ol' hearts a-dancin' in our eyes. -John Prine This is the 29th Valentine's Day that I've celebrated with Joe, and that verse sums it up quite nicely. Early this morning, I grabbed the card I had bought for him. I... Read more →