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Another Long Weekend Love List

In Spite of Ourselves

In spite of ourselves, we'll end up sittin' on a rainbow!
Against all odds, honey, we're the big door prize.
We'll gonna spite the noses right off of our faces,
Won't be nothin' but big ol' hearts a-dancin' in our eyes.
                                                          -John Prine

This is the 29th Valentine's Day that I've celebrated with Joe, and that verse sums it up quite nicely.

Early this morning, I grabbed the card I had bought for him. I bought it quite a while ago during one of my card quests at the local CVS; it caught my eye as being pretty much perfect for Joe, except it said "Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Valentine's Day" on it.

This did not deter me, for I am a member of the scrapbook cult. Sure enough, a bright red heart sticker covered up the incorrect affirmation nicely. A quick "I love you!" and I was ready.

And Joe was, of course, way ahead of me, because I found a lovely package and card on the kitchen table when I went downstairs to fix the coffee.

It was my traditional Valentine's gift -- the best gift of all, the ne plus ultra of Valentine's gifts -- the Whitman's Sampler!


Oh, come on now. Whitman's Sampler is great, especially because it has a built-in Map of the Chocolates built right in.


In three languages!!


What's not to like? Really, who doesn't like a nice Messenger Boy now and then? (Don't answer that.)

In any case, it's been a lovely day. We both had great days at work, and we finally got to our favorite barbeque joint for dinner, and we have nice chocky bits on which to nibble away the evening.

When we're not nibbling on each other, that is.