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Heading Upstate

Well damn! The Habs just tied it up with 36 seconds left, and I do not like this turn of events AT ALL. I mean, Ovie does have a hat trick, but geez. Oh well -- on to overtime. Wait a sec... WOOO! Ovie scored the winner in overtime! That's his fourth goal of the game and his 43rd of the season and a critical two points for my boys. But hockey is not the... Read more →

Meatacon: It's What's For Dinner

So to continue the recap, here are 10 things about Meatacon! 1. Sleigh rides in the snow are pretty magical. Cold, but magical. 2. Of course, The Doctor is there to help warm you up. 3. You can always sit on the throne at the Green Bay Winter Carnival. 4. The food: brats, booyah, fluff! Steaks you grill all by yourself! Texas Toast that I burnt all by myself! (And then I did it right.)... Read more →

Love List In The Snow

Friday! Here's a very specific Love List. I love: cold weather lots of snow sleigh rides in the cold and snow The Doctor (McGillicuddy, that is) brats booyah The Bad Bar dancing at the Bad Bar the $10 rule St. Brendan's Inn a whole bunch of lovely people our host and hostess ice sculpture chili cook-offs kettle corn cheese curds The One True Wine rainforest showers Irish pubs big breakfasts pretzel fluff Ward and June... Read more →

The Puck Stops Here

My God, am I tired! I have been tired all damn day, because I worked very hard all night long trying to meet up with the woman who wants to buy my mother's car. Four separate times I tried to meet up with her! Four separate times I woke up frustrated because I had failed. Four separate times I reminded myself to put the title in my purse in case our planned meeting this evening... Read more →

Snocean City

Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! This weekend was lovely; the nicest present I could have gotten. And butt cold. But lovely. I love the beach in the winter. It's quiet, first of all, so quiet. Maybe the cold has something to do with that, but it sure is nice. It actually snowed, too. We got about an inch, which made some of the odd characters in Ocean City look even odder. Cold... Read more →

Birthday Love List

Hey! It's my birthday! And it's Friday, and it's a long weekend, and so -- what better reasons for the Meg Fowler Friday Love List? I love the StoryCorps/NPR interview with Mom. It came out beautifully! If you missed hearing it live, you can go here or here to listen. Let me know what you think! I love that we're going to Ocean City this evening for the weekend! I even love the fact that... Read more →

Two Minutes of Fame!

I just got word that part of the StoryCorps interview that I did with Mom will be aired tomorrow, January 18, at 6:20 am and 8:20 am. So if you're up and you'd like to listen, tune in to your local NPR station. The snippet will also be on the NPR website, if you don't get a chance to listen "live." (If you want to listen to the whole thing, go here.) What a great... Read more →

Que Sera, Sera

Ronni, over at the most excellent Time Goes By, got tagged to do the When I Was Young meme, wherein you think back to when you were 25 and list five things you never thought you would be or that would happen. With my 56th birthday fast approaching, I thought it was only right that I jump on it. I turned 25 on January 18, 1977. When I was 25, I never thought that I... Read more →

Snow, Briefly

Rest in peace -- or maybe pieces -- Vampira. The weather was cold and clear this morning. I went outside to get the paper and breathed deep, just to get some fresh air into my lungs, and admired the sunrise and said hello to Venus, still bright in the southeastern sky. I was glad to see the day. I had a restless night last night. I fell asleep too early and then woke up, wide... Read more →