Meatacon: It's What's For Dinner
The Spillening and the Signening

Heading Upstate

Well damn! The Habs just tied it up with 36 seconds left, and I do not like this turn of events AT ALL. I mean, Ovie does have a hat trick, but geez. Oh well -- on to overtime.

Wait a sec... WOOO! Ovie scored the winner in overtime! That's his fourth goal of the game and his 43rd of the season and a critical two points for my boys.

But hockey is not the subject of this entry. The subject of this entry is that I am going travelling up to Saratoga Springs, New York tomorrow to speak at Saratoga Reads! Winterfest. Saratoga Reads! is a very cool community program wherein the whole community, using the resources of Skidmore College, reads a novel and discusses it.

Well, wouldn't you just know it? The winning novel is Water for Elephants, the lovely circus novel by Sarah Gruen. My great good friend Phylise is on the board for Saratoga Reads! and knows of my sordid past. So... she invited me to come on up and speak and juggle (badly) and clown around at Border's for an hour or so. And, of course I agreed, because I am stupid always willing to help out a pal, especially when they pay my airfare, which is really cheap on Southwest.

Little did I know that the local media would leap all over the thought of a former clown coming up to speak, so I've had two interviews from local newspapers and I'll be going to a local radio station before the event to talk about whatever they want to talk about!

And! When I was talking to one of the reporters, he told me that he saw a big stack of my book at Borders, awaiting the hordes who will no doubt stampede the table to acquire a signed copy. Then, a traditional publisher will see the bestselling potential of my cheesy chicklit novel and then sales will skyrocket and I will have to kick back a substantial portion of my newly earned millions to Saratoga Reads!.

Well, if you're gonna hallucinate dream, dream big.