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Looking Back; Looking Ahead

It's not like 2007 was a complete and total bag of shit, because it wasn't. There were lots of wonderful things. The scrapbook cult marathon last January was lots of fun; I created a lasting record of my volunteer week in New Orleans and Joe rubbed of lots women the right way. In March, we braved the weather and joined a bunch of wonderful people for 3tacon in Green Bay. Cheese and wine, brats and... Read more →

Muttering At The End Of The Year

It's been awhile since I've done Unconscious Mutterings, so here we go! I say, and you think: Memorable :: Unforgettable Resolution :: Weekend Goal :: 8 against the Sens! 2008 :: Gotta be better than 2007 Sensational :: Game against the Cowboys! Popular demand :: Back by Old :: Friends Music :: Food of Love Intense :: Where you sleep when camping 2007 :: Good riddance! Resolution Weekend is the yearly scrapbook cult marathon event,... Read more →

Ten Things About This Christmas Season

Well, it's not quite the twelve days of Christmas, but here are ten things about this Christmas: 1. It was not white. Oh, we've had white Christmases around here, but normally we don't. In fact, this Christmas was fairly warm -- in the 50s, if you please! 2. As usual, Joe was first up. He's always been the first one up in our household, even when SonnyeBoy was little. He did wait until 7:30 to... Read more →

Vacation Is Exhausting Me

This vacation is doing me in, what with all the family gatherings, movie watching, present admiring, and other stuff. I don't know if I'll make it through another four days! Today was relatively quiet. Joe went off to work at his usual time this morning. The day stretched out ahead of me. I had three things to accomplish today: get a chest x-ray, have lunch with Mom, and do the grocery shopping. The x-ray of... Read more →

Come Inside The Smoke Shop

Joe really enjoys his job, really he does. As with any retail job, though, he meets his share of, um, challenging customers. He also meets really interesting and neat people, too. Many of these stories are really way too good to keep to himself, or to share with only me, so I -- being the blog aficionado that I am -- suggested that he share his observances with the entire internet! What better audience, I... Read more →

A Perfect Poached Egg

I love the Egg McMuffin. You do too; don't lie to me. And now I can make my very own Eggamuffins at home, perfectly every time, because we own the Egg & Muffin Toaster, made by Back to Basics. This machine -- this machine! How do I adequately sing the praises of this machine? I bought two of 'em, based on the recommendation of Farhad Manjoo, the tech columnist for He describes the ins... Read more →

Party Eve

Christmas Eve -- time for our traditional family gathering! We've been getting together since I was a kid. We lived right down the hill from church. Every Christmas Eve the grownups would go to midnight Mass, then gather at our house for breakfast and general carousing. Once Mom and Pop moved to Seizure Leisure World, the party moved from breakfast after midnight to dinner at -- well, dinnertime, with present opening as a main feature.... Read more →

Slowly, I Decorate...

I got the lights on the tree and plopped the angel on top, but that's as far as it went. We may just go minimalist this year and leave it at that. It's quite pretty, even without ornaments and gold garlands, so unless I get really inspired later tonight or tomorrow... Luckily, we have a holiday tomorrow, so I have more time to get everything done. And you know what? If it doesn't all get... Read more →


I skipped exercise class today, because it's the run-up to Christmas and I just couldn't figure out how to fit everything else into the day. Mom had called and given me a list of things to bring to her: a card table for her upcoming bridge game, plates, glasses, Diet Coke, Gatorade, Arizona ice tea, and AAA batteries. An odd list on first reading, but very sensible when you realize that she's hosting a bridge... Read more →