A Form Of Love
Please Mick Jagger, Don't Sell Me Fixodent

Hello Holidailies

I have not done one lick of holiday decorating, or baking, or card sending. I have done a bit of gift buying, but only a bit.

No reason to panic, though. A friend of mine is having a cookie baking party next weekend, so that will take care of the baking. I'll buy cards and stamps tomorrow, so the card sending will commence this week. We'll get the tree later -- we've always been in the crowd that does the tree later in the month rather than the beginning of the month -- so the decorations will stay right where they are for a couple of weeks. Gift buying is almost totally online for me nowadays; I have lost my love of the holiday crush at the mall.

But I love the lights, and the music, and the celebrations. I love the holidays. I'm glad it's December.