Eat Pie!

Pie and Posts

Evidently no one knows how to make a pumpkin pie anymore, because the whole entire world is searching for "best pumpkin pie" recipes and landing here. Not that I mind, because that recipe really does make the best damn pumpkin pie in the whole entire world. My gramma is probably smiling down from heaven, only she'd have no idea how someone got her pumpkin pie recipe by typing into a machine attached to a TV.

Aside from that, I must confess that I have been terribly remiss. The ornery Mr. OrneryPest tagged me to do this meme late last week, and I am finally getting around to doing it.

Tag!  You're it!  Brag about your diary!  The meme: Pick out five blog posts that illustrate the evolution of your blog, link to them, and comment on them.  Then tag five more diarists.

Okay, so we automatically have a little problem, in that I started my diary on January 1, 2002 on Diary-X. Diary-X is no more, having self-destructed in early 2006, and taking with it almost all of my entries from 2005.

But! I have every other entry from those days. The problem is that I can't link to them, because they're not posted anywhere, but I will comment on them. Let's start with that first one.

January 1, 2002. I started this whole diary/online journal/blog deal to document my weight loss. This first entry simply mentioned that I had lost a little over 19 pounds and that my blood pressure was down. Now? Um, not so much. Oh well.

August 7, 2002. I wrote this post for the "If Project", a neat collaboration where you answered a  question starting with the word "If". The question for that month was:

If you were to reinvent yourself, what is it about you that absolutely should be changed? What radical improvement do you think others would hope to see in you?

I had already almost made my weight-loss goal, so I wrote about how I wanted to find a new job, I was depressed over my current job, and I simply didn't want to do it anymore. What do you know -- a good friend of mine read it and immediately called me to tell me of an opening where I now work. I've always thought that was pretty cool.

September 6, 2003. This post, which I did bring over here, was the first circus memory that I posted. It's about the cook on the first circus I worked for. I had started writing up my memories of that show in the early 80s, and somehow they survived several different computers, several house moves, and pretty much life in general.

December 21, 2004. This post won a "Best of Holidailies" award and was a featured post on Indiebloggers. I've reposted it here just today. It wasn't easy to write, but I'm glad I did.

December 6, 2006. I really like this post because it features the first video that I actually put together, complete with music. I'm even in it, thanks to Bev!

Now I'm supposed to tag five more people, but because I neither forward chain letters or tag meme participants, you're on your own. If you want to do it, let me know if you do!