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Of Blankets and Bills

One thing that has been a slight bone of contention between Joe and me is my unfortunate tendency to take the covers with me when I roll around in my sleep, leaving his ass out in the breezes. This unfortunate tendency makes him grumpy, as it would anyone. Part of the reason this occurs -- at least I'm hoping that part of the reason this occurs -- is the fact that we have a double-size... Read more →

Long Weekend Love List

I'm heading out shortly for the start of my three-day weekend (thank you, veterans), so here is the Long Weekend Love List: I love: long weekends seeing that the end is in sight being courted by a recruiter Rice Chex Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (aka crack in a cup) the thought of snow meeting Joe for dinner Ayr saline nasal spray being warm getting caught up on word count (which I haven't done yet) seeing little... Read more →

Seven Times Seven

Okay! Candy tagged me for the "seven things you might not know about me" meme. Damn you, Candy! Just kidding. Honest. Candy is swell, so I shall forthwith enumerate seven such things, if I can think of that many. However, I'm not tagging anyone in particular; if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged. But only seven of you. That's the rule. However, I shall add a twist, by offering something seven-ish with each... Read more →

Oh Yes, There Was Also Food

So, remember the Beer Dinner? We went, and it was good. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images.) The dining room was set up beautifully, a harbinger of the gourmet treats -- both solid and liquid -- in store for us. After schmoozing, boozing, and snacks, we were invited to take our seats. Chef John described each course, and the brewery reps described the beers that were paired with each dish. First course: Mixed green... Read more →

The Weekend in Bullet Points

* Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful day. I actually went to exercise class, met my sister there, and then we took Mom out to lunch. * Unfortunately, Mom had a bit of a problem on the way home from lunch, but we (with help from the aide) dealt with it quickly and with a minimum of embarrassment. * Saturday night was partying time, with a surprise birthday party for one of Joe's coworkers. Much cheese... Read more →

Pictorial Love List

Wow. It's Friday already! Since I'm busy putting words on virtual paper for NaNoWriMo, I thought I'd use pictures (mostly) for this week's Love LIst. First, though, I love Joe. This morning, as I was shuffling around the kitchen sleepily scooping coffee into the pot, Joe looked down at the headlines and read: "Tokyo Stock Markets Plunge... AS GODZILLA DESTROYS THE CITY!!" I love that guy. Other things I love: Candy canes! Fans! The Song... Read more →