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Dancing With The Bank

Of Blankets and Bills

One thing that has been a slight bone of contention between Joe and me is my unfortunate tendency to take the covers with me when I roll around in my sleep, leaving his ass out in the breezes. This unfortunate tendency makes him grumpy, as it would anyone. Part of the reason this occurs -- at least I'm hoping that part of the reason this occurs -- is the fact that we have a double-size blanket on a queen-size bed, so it doesn't really cover two people properly. This causes me, in my sleep, to try and acquire adequate coverage as I roll around, because I can't stand to have cool-air leakage on me. I really don't mean to deprive Joe of warmth, but it happens.

Saturday night was one of those nights: Joe froze while I melted.

We decided that it was time to buy a decent sized blanket for the bed, because really, it's cheaper than marriage counseling.

We immediately thought of Ikea, but then I thought we might do better at Target.

Joe was horrified, because you can't get Swedish meatballs at Target. So Ikea it was, and lo, a lovely chocolate-brown quilty bedspread was bought. It's velvet on one side and some sort of shiny satiny stuff on the other.

King size, too, so as to provide more than ample coverage up one side and down the other. So far it's working just fine.

I also dove into the various mounds of mail scattered around the house, extracting the bills, ditching the junk, and hesitating over the catalogs before ditching most of them. Whenever I do this, I generally sort the accumulated crap into three piles: bills, stuff to keep, and pitch. Then I sort the Stuff to Keep Pile into two piles: really keep and pitch. Then I open all the bills, gasp, and sort them into two piles: Pay Immediately and Don't Worry Yet. Then I pay the Pay Immediately bills and resolve to never let the mail pile up into mounds ever again. Really, never again.

Sometimes I get a prize when I sort through the mail. This time I opened our mortgage escrow statement -- it was in the Really Keep pile by the time I opened it -- and lo and behold, there was a perfectly negotiable check for the escrow overage!

Really, it was like finding a diamond in handful of gravel. Well, maybe not.

I worked on my NaNoWriMo piece too. I am still behind, but not irrevocably so. I am not stressing myself out over this. If I finish, great. If I don't, that's fine too.