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There Goes The Tardis

Long Weekend

Oh, I had all kinds of plans for this weekend, mostly involving sitting in my study and writing writing writing, catching up on my NaNoWriMo word count, pulling ahead, and possibly finishing in a grand rush of creativity and authorial brilliance.

Not so much. I wrote not one word. Not. One.

And so, it has become pretty obvious that I don't particularly want to finish this story. I have no affection for it; no energy around it. It's not fun, and that's enough of a reason to stop.

So I'm done, with no regrets. Really, it's okay, because the weekend was wonderful.

Thanksgiving was terrific. We picked Mom up and headed to Annapolis, ate a lot, talked a lot, laughed a lot, and avoided arguing about politics a lot. The best thing? SonnyeBoy came, even though he had to work that night. We got Mom back to her group home way past her bedtime (9:00 pm!), but several other residents were arriving at the same time so we didn't have to sneak her in through the back or anything. She had a blast, too.

Friday my younger sister and I took Mom to lunch. That was also a lot of fun. Mom has gotten a lot of her energy back, and seems to have turned the corner on living at her new home. She's been involved in a skit! She plays bingo every day! She even suggested that the staff take some of the more with-it folks out to lunch, and they did! Now she's scouting out new places for lunch trips. It's quite a turnaround. Physically, she still needs a lot of help, but mentally and emotionally, she's good.

Yesterday Joe and I went to lunch, browsed around Barnes and Noble, and generally loafed. I loved every minute of it.

Today Joe and I took Mom to lunch again. In a way I have also turned a corner. Going to lunch with Mom used to be chore, an obligation, something to get over with. Now? It's a gift.

And finally, the holiday season is officially underway -- the first showing of A Christmas Story was on television tonight! Not only that, I registered for Holidailies. Now that's something I can do!