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Dancing With The Bank

I need a gingerbread latte and something else highly caloric and bad for me right about now. (Shut. Up.)

Sheesh. It has been A Day of Fancy Dance, last-minute coordinating. If God is love and life is beautiful, we'll close the loan on the beach house refinancing tonight. This depends on several things:

  • Fedex delivering the loan documents to my house today,
  • Me making it home,
  • The notary showing up,
  • My brother showing up, and
  • My sister showing up.

I suppose I should glad that it doesn't depend on the Caps winning the Stanley Cup or the Skins beating Dallas this weekend, for while those things are always possible, I am not willing to bet the refinancing on it.

This whole process has been a saga of Hurry Up, Wait!, Do It NOW, and unreturned voicemails. How come the bank always takes their sweet time getting information and paperwork to you and then expects you to turn on a dime, Get It Done, and do a fancy dance to the tune of their choosing?

Oh right. They have the money.

But when it's all said and done (tonight!), Mom will have a nice wad of money, we'll have a lower interest rate and an escrow account, and I will be very relieved that it's over.

Now, about that latte...