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Hello Holidailies

A Form Of Love

The lovely and talented Meg, founder of the Friday Love List, wants to ensure that there's lots of love out there today, so she made it really easy for us love listers to get it done. She gave us a Love Form to fill out! Here it is, fresh from her site, with my answers.

Things YOU Love:

Song you love: I Will Not Be Broken, by Bonnie Raitt

Food you love: Beignets and Cafe Au Lait

Thing you love to look at: This painting, which hangs in our guestroom

Sound you love: Our wind chimes

Thing you love to laugh at: Marx Brothers movies ("There ain't no sanity clause!")

Gadget you love: My apple/peeler/corer/slicer, but I hardly ever use it! That's a bad tendency of mine; I fall in love with gadgets, buy them, and after the initial fling is over, I put them away and never use them again.

Person you love: Joe, of course

Software you love: Articulate Presenter -- I know, it's a work thing, but it's really a great tool.

Word you love: Delicious!

Thing you love on the internet: Typepad.com (nothing like sucking up to your blog host)

Place you love to go on vacation: Ocean City, Maryland

Sensation you love: A really good, soothing massage

Animal you love: Elephants

Book you love: Summer Lightning, by P.G. Wodehouse

Emotion you love: Gratitude

Occasion you love: Christmas Eve dinner with my family

Quality you love in people: Sense of humor

Thing you most love to shop for: Books

And finally…

What you love about today: I took a good walk on a crisp, cold, sunny winter day!