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A Form Of Love

The lovely and talented Meg, founder of the Friday Love List, wants to ensure that there's lots of love out there today, so she made it really easy for us love listers to get it done. She gave us a Love Form to fill out! Here it is, fresh from her site, with my answers. Things YOU Love: Song you love: I Will Not Be Broken, by Bonnie Raitt Food you love: Beignets and Cafe... Read more →

Go Out And Listen

Tonight I went to a book signing at a local Barnes and Noble. The book is by Dave Isay, and it's called Listening Is an Act of Love. It's a collection of the interviews recorded for the StoryCorps project -- the same folks who recorded my interview with my Mom. Dave's a fascinating guy, devoted to collecting an oral history of America. Not famous people, not wealthy people or politicians or scientists -- he wants... Read more →

There Goes The Tardis

We're watching Doctor Who, the most recent doctor, I think. He and Rose Martha Rose (no, really! Dennis! and Measi say so) are tracking some evil force that's inhabiting a little girl and drawing pictures that seem to snatch children and pets. Creepy. But the Doctor is pretty cute. A week or so ago I went grocery shopping and was immediately seduced by a lovely box of Clementines. This happens every year. I see that... Read more →

Long Weekend

Oh, I had all kinds of plans for this weekend, mostly involving sitting in my study and writing writing writing, catching up on my NaNoWriMo word count, pulling ahead, and possibly finishing in a grand rush of creativity and authorial brilliance. Not so much. I wrote not one word. Not. One. And so, it has become pretty obvious that I don't particularly want to finish this story. I have no affection for it; no energy... Read more →

Seven More Things

The lovely and talented Anne tagged me to do the "Seven Facts" meme -- I already did one when Candy tagged me, but Anne is lovely and talented, so I'll find seven more facts that you might not know about me. Or you might. Here goes! I have anxiety dreams, especially when I have something I have to do. I had one last night! I kept reminding myself IN MY DREAM to pay my mother's... Read more →

Eat Pie!

Even on Thanksgiving day, there are vast numbers of people hitting this blog while searching for pumpkin pie recipes. And I thought I was a procrastinator! Anyway, the weather is nuts today -- it's already in the 60s -- so Joe and I took a delightful walk around the lakes. We saw the Rockettes and Santa Claus in the Macy's parade, had lunch, and now we're getting ready to go over the river and through... Read more →

Pie and Posts

Evidently no one knows how to make a pumpkin pie anymore, because the whole entire world is searching for "best pumpkin pie" recipes and landing here. Not that I mind, because that recipe really does make the best damn pumpkin pie in the whole entire world. My gramma is probably smiling down from heaven, only she'd have no idea how someone got her pumpkin pie recipe by typing into a machine attached to a TV.... Read more →


We came out of Starbucks this evening to see this cool sundog next to the setting sun. A sundog, or parhelion, occurs when the light from the setting or rising sun passes through the ice crystals in cirrus clouds. The picture really doesn't do it justice; the rainbow effect on the right side of the sundog was much brighter in real life. Read more →

The Food Of Love List

I was trying to decide all day how to do the Love List today. Shall I do places I love? Shall I do people I love? What about this? Or that? But the lovely and talented Meg, creator of the Love List, decided for me. Foods! I love: Fire-roasted tomato soup followed by the goat cheese and pine nut salad from here Rare roast beef, with onions and tomatoes Half-price burger night at the Olney... Read more →

Dancing With The Bank

I need a gingerbread latte and something else highly caloric and bad for me right about now. (Shut. Up.) Sheesh. It has been A Day of Fancy Dance, last-minute coordinating. If God is love and life is beautiful, we'll close the loan on the beach house refinancing tonight. This depends on several things: Fedex delivering the loan documents to my house today, Me making it home, The notary showing up, My brother showing up, and... Read more →