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DC Day

Joe and I went down to the National Gallery of Art to take in the Edward Hopper exhibit today, but the trip was so much more than that. Even after living by this city all my life, I'm always surprised by the things I see. Some things are brand new; some have been there for years and years. First, the Newseum is almost done; it opens in 2008. I like how the building facade has... Read more →

He Ain't Heavy; He's My Porker

My circus pals warned me about this act before they arrived on the show. "Wait until you see Uncle Heavy," they said. "It's one of the best animal acts out there." Or something to that effect. "What kind an act is it?" I inquired quite innocently. "Pigs." "PIGS?" Oh yes, indeed. Uncle Heavy's Pork Chop Revue was a trained pig act, comprising Uncle Heavy, Aunt Heavy, Heavy Junior, and more bacon on the hoof than... Read more →

Ten Things About SonnyeBoy

1. He has a brown belt in karate. 2. He recently let an underage, drunken girl yell at him for one minute, while she was in custody and before she took the intoximeter test. He was asking if she would consent to the test when she said, "I just want to yell at you for a minute." Being the accommodating man that he is, SonnyeBoy said, "Okay, you have one minute, starting now." And the... Read more →

If Only He'd Had A Bucket

From 1939 to 1942, the US built 13 observation towers along the Delaware shore. Soldiers in the towers used the narrow slits to search for Nazi ships and U-boats, triangulate their positions, and report them to the gunnery towers at Fort Miles at Cape Henlopen. No ships were ever sighted, but the coast was protected. The walls are concrete, one foot thick. Inside were wooden observation platforms, accessed by ladders. One of the towers has... Read more →

Cars, Dogs, Friends, Kids

We headed to Ocean City Friday evening, thinking that the ride would be a breeze. After all, it's October! No one's going to the beach now! Alas. Between the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville and the Boat Show in Annapolis and all the people who were not going to the beach, traffic crawled all the way to the Severn River, when everyone finally realized that they could go more than 25 miles an hour. We did... Read more →

Game On!

Hockey season is underway. I am happy. My Caps are not on TV tonight, but it has been a long summer, so I am watching the Redwings and Ducks. I don't have a lot invested in this game, but since we rooted for the Redwings during the last playoffs, I am sort of rooting for them now. So... does anyone else think that Keith Jones and Brian Engblom (the hockey guys on Versus) are the... Read more →

The Rotary Dial Telephone Didn't Sell Either

I think it was Chris Rock (or maybe Dave Chappelle) who said, "What do white people drink on Friday night that makes them put all of their crap in their front yard on Saturday?" Okay, in my case it was Saturday night and Sunday, but be that as it may, one of my pals and I joined forces and had a yard sale. I threw a pile of crap into my car and combined it... Read more →