Got My Funk Back
Theyr'e Hear'ts In The Right Place...

Liquid Love List

Hello, Friday! It's a monsoon outside, but I am home. We really need this rain, but it does make for a white-knuckle flight from office to home. At any rate, even though there are copious amounts of liquid falling from the sky, it's still time for the Love List.

I love:

  • Being home and warm and snug and dry.
  • Macaroni and cheese - homemade, out of a box, from the cafeteria; I don't care. I love it.
  • Taking a little taste of some of Joe's more interesting cigars.
  • Ice cold Coca-Cola.
  • Hockey night in Washington!
  • Joe B and Locker.
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream.
  • Coffee with whipped cream.
  • Oh heck, whipped cream.
  • Going to sleep without the blanket, but waking up with the blanket. Thanks Joe!
  • Mojitos that do not taste like Scope.
  • Tres Leches cake.
  • My coworkers. The guy in the cube across from me and I have been having a friendly discussion all week long about the chances of the Redskins beating the Patriots on Sunday. He's funny, but for some reason he believes that my team has no chance! O ye of little faith! There is always a chance, at least until kickoff.
  • The absolute silence of Red Rock Canyon. It makes you want to hold your breath.
  • The sound of the crickets and birds just before dawn.
  • Listening to traffic splashing through wet streets when I am not in it or on them.

I think I'll go put on my jammies and settle in for the evening. I don't have the ingredients for a mojito, but I know have some Swiss Miss around here someplace!