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Minimalist Halloween

Last night, over half-priced burgers and full-priced beers, Joe said, "I guess we're not getting a pumpkin this year, are we?" And my Emergency Must Rescue Holiday hormones kicked in and I said, "Maybe we could get one on the way home! I could carve it tonight! Maybe I could pick one up tomorrow, or see about ..." Joe intervened, just in the nick of time. "Or we could not do anything." And I realized... Read more →

Year Five: It's A Go

I seriously considering skipping NaNoWriMo this year. Whenever I thought about it, or read another email from the NaNoWriters Yahoo! group, or looked at the dust-covered binder containing the still-unfinished neverending sequel, I filled up with a lot of eehh. So I figured that I might as well skip it this year. But in the last week I got excited again. A little idea popped into my head for a very thoughtful, sort of dark... Read more →

Liquid Love List

Hello, Friday! It's a monsoon outside, but I am home. We really need this rain, but it does make for a white-knuckle flight from office to home. At any rate, even though there are copious amounts of liquid falling from the sky, it's still time for the Love List. I love: Being home and warm and snug and dry. Macaroni and cheese - homemade, out of a box, from the cafeteria; I don't care. I... Read more →

Got My Funk Back

Today, in spite of the gloom and the rain, was a much better day, annoyance wise. First, thanks to you perceptive commenters, I got the very good news that I have a week of daylight savings left before the darkness closes in. Okay! I slept all night, I think. I had some vivid, weird dreams, but they weren't bad. I gotta say, it's been so long since I've slept all night that I still can't... Read more →

Ten Things That Annoyed Me Today

The days are noticeably shorter lately, and will get even shorter still this weekend with the return of standard time. This decrease in daylight corresponds directly to an increase in my being annoyed. Let's take today, for example. It's raining, which means every driver in the greater metropolitan area drank a great big glass of stupid juice for breakfast, turning my commute into a two-hour jaunt through the fifth circle of Hell. My windshield wipers... Read more →

Fight For Old DC!

Here we are at Fedex field, home of the Washington Redskins! My sister invited us to join them for the game today, and of course we eagerly accepted. We left early, so as to score a good tailgating spot. And score we did, a prime spot in the Itchy lot, where we circled the wagons and set up for the party. Shannon grilled the steaks. The rest of us consumed mass quantities of shrimp, cocktail... Read more →

A Love List of Love Songs

I've been thinking about putting together a playlist of my favorite love songs. Not just any love songs, but love songs that are a little sexy, a little funky, a little romantic; joyful songs that, oh, I don't know, make you want to grab your sweety and smooch 'em up, fall back on the bed, and commence doing the dance of love with a big old grin on your face. Here we go, in no... Read more →

The Fullness of Time

You know, I'm sure Rick DiPietro is a nice guy. I'm sure he's good to his mother and kind to animals. He probably picks up after himself and dandles little babies on his knee. I'll bet he even cooks and puts the seat down after he's done. I don't care. I still don't like him, or anyone else who plays for the Islanders, goddammit. On the other hand, Alex Ovechkin could probably run over squirrels... Read more →

I'd Prefer Having A Big Wad Of Money Fall From The Sky

My sister, brother, and I are refinancing our beach house so that we can pay Mom off in one lump sum, thus providing her with the funds she needs to stay in prison her ritzy assisted living apartment. See, Mom holds the mortgage, so we make the payment to her rather than to a mortgage company or bank. We decided to ask only for an amount equal to the balance remaining on the loan, which... Read more →