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Got My Funk Back

Today, in spite of the gloom and the rain, was a much better day, annoyance wise.

First, thanks to you perceptive commenters, I got the very good news that I have a week of daylight savings left before the darkness closes in. Okay!

I slept all night, I think. I had some vivid, weird dreams, but they weren't bad. I gotta say, it's been so long since I've slept all night that I still can't quite believe it.

I also managed to beat Word into submission by unchecking the "Automatically Update" box in the style dialog. It's still sasses back occasionally, brat that it is. I actually managed to finish the draft, too.

Then! SonnyeBoy called me -- from Binghampton New York! He's at a conference for accident reconstruction specialists, because he is one. He was also selected to attend special training to become a driving instructor to teach police officers how to drive cop-style. I really want him to teach me how to do that controlled skid into a perfect parallel parking space. Oh hell yes.

When I got home, after an hour and 15-minute commute largely caused by stupid-juice ingesting drivers ogling a police car with flashing lights, I sat down to read a bit. But I unconsciously turned the lower switch on our temperamental lamp instead of the upper switch, so no light was forthcoming. I gave up.  About an hour later, after dinner, I was paying bills and Joe was relaxing in his chair next to the lamp. And just like that, the light came on. Joe didn't touch it; I didn't touch it. It just lit up, silently and brightly, as if it had simply decided that it was time for a little illumination. Either that, or Joe is the Lamp Whisperer. Magic!

During Ugly Betty (a sweet, sweet episode), one of my favorite commericals came on, and it made me smile and get my funk back.