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Fight For Old DC!

Here we are at Fedex field, home of the Washington Redskins!


My sister invited us to join them for the game today, and of course we eagerly accepted. We left early, so as to score a good tailgating spot.

And score we did, a prime spot in the Itchy lot, where we circled the wagons and set up for the party.


Shannon grilled the steaks.


The rest of us consumed mass quantities of shrimp, cocktail frankfurters, chips and queso, and various forms of adult beverages. I discovered that the cocktail franks fit perfectly in the Frito scoopable chip. Add a quick dip of queso and you have a true gourmet treat right there.

Oh, and there was also a football game.


What a game it was! In true 'Skins fashion, they scored early and often, and went into halftime with a 21-6 lead. But the Cardinals didn't give up easily, and they came right back in the second half. The 'Skins dodged a bullet at the very end of the game, managing to deny the Cardinals a two-point conversion, then losing the onside kick, and holding the Cards far enough away from the goal line that the 55-yard (thanks, Diane!) field goal attempt failed.

Final score? Redskins 21, Cardinals 19.

Hail to the Redskins!