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Why Yes, I Am Ready For Some Football, Thanks

I have been very very very tired all day long, all because I stayed up very very very late.

And by very very very late, I mean midnight.

Then again, it might have been all the hollering and screaming I did during Monday Night Football, when my 'Skins beat the Iggles, something very few people thought would happen. Joe and I, however, had a heapin' helpin' of 'tism.


Thank you, Jason, for being able to shake off that pick and return to bidniss. Oh, and being able to spot the holes and run through them when your receivers are covered. MWAH!

Thank you, Clint'n, for that lovely front sommy into the end zone. Celebrate it, boyo.

Thank you, Chris, for shaking off those two dropped passes and catching the one that counted -- in the end zone, between two Iggles, at the very end of the half. Loved the way you held up the ball in your own two hands while you lay flat on your back. Oh, and thank you for getting a haircut, although the 'fro did kind of deflect attention away from your snoot.

Thank you, Shaun, for nailing the field goals.

An extra special thank you and a big wet sloppy kiss to LaRon.

LaRon, my sweet defensive studmuffin, how do I love thee for knocking that fourth down pass out of that Philly receiver's hands? (Yes, I could look up his name, but I do. not. care!)

Let me count the ways: 20 to 12.

And Joe Gibbs. Dear, dear Joe Gibbs. Thank you for changing your mind and going for it on fourth and 16, even after the penalties, even after the Iggles timeout, even when the field goal was the safe score. I admit it; I thought you were nuts -- it was just a brief, fleeting moment of doubt, honest -- but you believed in Jason and Chris and pulled out a touchdown.

Now -- please will someone smack the shit out of the Monday Night Football commentators?? Just smack 'em, right across their ugly mugs. I mean, I can take the total lack of respect for my team -- even from Tony Kornheiser, who should know better -- and the total homer-ness of Ron Jaworski for the Iggles. After all, the 'Skins were 5-11 last season. Who in their right minds would think that they could not only beat the Iggles, but BEEE-AAAAATTTTT the Iggles? But when Charles Barkley showed up in the booth and the broadcast team proceeded to ignore the football game and ramble on and on and ON about Bill Belichick and the stupid signal stealing scam, I mean PLEASE! CALL THE FREAKIN' GAME!!

Anyway, I'm tired.