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The Weather Outside Is Delightful

The weather has turned and become cool and blue and beautiful. There's a blanket on the bed; the A/C is off; the windows are open.

I love this time of year. Of course, next week it could very well be back up in the 90s with matching humidity, but I'll take it while I can. That's DC weather for you -- nothing but a great big tease!

It's a good thing it cooled off, since Saturday was "Move More Furniture Into Mom's Room" day. Yes, her sofa, end tables, pictures, and various tchotkes have now turned her little place into her home.

Yesterday I had lunch with the lovely and talented Debsiobhan, where I discovered that Don Pablo's makes a quite lovely mojito that does not taste the least bit like Scope. Then I returned to Mom's to hang pictures, reroute telephone cords, and generally chat.

Today I felt like walking, so I did. I toddled off down Connecticut Avenue for a mile or so and had lunch at a local burrito joint. It's almost all downhill, so it was easy. I spotted a maintenance gal watering the lawn of a condo building by holding an oscillating sprinkler as if it were a hose and waving it around. Hmm -- brilliant use of watering technology or unclear on the concept of oscillating sprinklers?? I thought about taking a picture, but decided I might get wet. And it's just a tad too cool for wet to be enjoyable.

Unfortunately the prospect of toddling back up the hill made my calves ache, especially since I'm wearing my new Earth shoes. Jumping on a spine-alignment bandwagon or stuck in the 70s? Who cares! They're cute and comfortable, but I decided to be just a little lazy and took the subway back to the office.

Later this week, the new Starbucks that's about four steps away from my building opens, and not a moment too soon. Bring on the lattes! I think I'll just sign over my paycheck and be done with it.