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The Love Is Listed

The hot humid weather reasserted itself earlier this week, with the predictable effect on my already-lousy sleeping habits. Last night, though, the weather broke. I was watching the TeeVee when I heard the spatters of raindrops on the back door. I suppose it rained most of the night, and then it rained again this morning, and then, Boom!

Bright blue sky, warm sun, dry air. Bonus!

I love that! And because it's Friday, I also love:

  • Salted almonds.
  • Rocking with Mom on the front porch of her group home.
  • This joke: Two ladies were discussing the lunch they were eating at a fancy restaurant. One says: "This food is just awful! No taste at all!" And the other lady says: "Yes! And such small portions!"
  • Jon Stewart's crack about Dennis Kucinich and his hottie wife: "Dude must be swingin' some pipe!"
  • Brewster Rockit
  • Old, comfy, too-big, really thick sweatshirts.
  • Ken Burns' new series, The War. It's engrossing. I've learned a lot about that horrible conflict, and I thought I knew quite a bit.
  • Peace roses.
  • Tea rose essential oil.
  • Van Morrison.
  • Eating breakfast with Joe.
  • White chocolate. (Have I already mentioned that?)
  • Ice-cold ginger ale.
  • Falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • NasaCort. Thankya, thankya, thankya!
  • Finishing up a project that's been nagging at me.
  • The big ol' harvest moon.
  • Feeling like I've coming out of a tunnel and that there are possibilities ahead.

Tell someone -- or more than one someone -- that you love them this weekend.