To Grandmother's House We Go
The Interview And A Mother Meme

Telling Her Story

Yesterday, before we moved over to assisted living, Mom and I participated in the StoryCorps Memory Loss Initiative.

We sat opposite each other, in front of microphones, as I asked her questions about her life and she responded. We talked for about 35 minutes, as Nadja (the StoryCorps recorder girl) recorded us. When we ended, I got all emotional, while Mom was just cool as a cucumber.

"I need some lunch; I'm starving!" she said, as I blotted my eyeballs and snuffled.

Anyway, I snipped out a little piece so you can hear what it was like. I like this one because Mom talks about how she met Pop, and where they went on their first date. Let me know if you'd like to hear more.

It's kinda soft, so turn up your speakers.