Why Yes, I Am Ready For Some Football, Thanks
It Is To Lahve...

Save And Save Again

I know better; I really do. But I got caught up in illusion of productivity and speed and Hot Damn, I Am Rolling Right Through This Project even after I had already been bitten earlier in the week by the same peculiar habit of this program.

Evidently, when once bitten, I am not twice shy.

You know what? This sort of thing NEVER HAPPENS when you've just begun the work. Oh no -- it only happens when you are doing the last little bit of the work, and it is 4:30 in the afternoon, and you are looking forward to wrapping the shit up, shutting down, and going home for the evening.

And then, as your thoughts turn to Belgian Ale and Thursday night television, it happens: RUNTIME ERROR -21!

OH NO! NOT RUNTIME ERROR -21!! Why couldn't it have been RUNTIME ERROR 16? Or 256? Or 763,428?

Actually, it doesn't matter which damn runtime error it was, because the online test creation software I was using up and quit. It threw all of my carefully typed questions and correct answers onto the floor and stormed out of the room.

Sigh. Back to the keyboard. And Ctrl-S. Lots and lots of Ctrl-S.