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To Grandmother's House We Go

Be careful! Those elderly people will bap your fender with a cane in a heartbeat! This facility is definitely not for those who crave city lights and traffic noise. Here we are! Welcome! Move-in day is tomorrow. We'll get her set up with cable TV, phone service, and a few of her favorite things: her comfy chair, coffee table, end table and lamp, pillows and blankets. Over the weekend, when we can enslave the kids,... Read more →

What A Weekend Should Be

Finally! A weekend that actually felt like a weekend! Saturday we drove up to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia to celebrate Joe's brother Tim's 50th birthday. I think this is the first time since I've known Joe that we've actually gone to a birthday party for his brother. Now that he has a lovely bride who believes in parties, though, we decided to make a day of it. It was delightful. I got to forget all... Read more →

Listing Lovelies

I almost forgot that it's Friday Love List time! But I can still sneak in under the wire, so I will. And you should too. Things and stuff that I love: Walking in the woods Air conditioning Long, hot showers followed by cool rinses The way my hair looks right after a haircut Cloudberry jam (you can get it at IKEA) My 8-year old grandnephew, who upon hearing that I was his grandmother's sister, exclaimed... Read more →

Ten Things Not About My Mother

I am way too tired to write more about Mom, so here are ten things that are not about her. 1. Joe has a new job! He's now a purveyor of fine tobacco products. He's working in a local cigar store and is fast becoming very learned on the subject of stogies. His shirts smell wonderful when he gets home; fresh and pungent and rich. 2. I have always loved the smell of a good... Read more →

The Day of the Doctors, or How I Almost Got Towed

First thing this morning I went to my doctor for a regular blood pressure check and ritual scolding. My blood pressure was good (cool!), my cholesterol was awesome (great!), my weight was up (goddammit). I complained about my shoulder; he gave me some exercises to do. I complained about peeing and being thirsty all the time; he took blood and some of that pee to check for diabetes. Oh great. Of course, if I lost... Read more →

Breathe, Just Breathe...

Two of my first cousins, along with their families, came to visit Mom this weekend. It was lovely of them to come, because they live a fair distance from us. We went to brunch at a tiny, sweet Belgian restaurant. Mom came along. She really wanted to, although she mostly just sat, hunched over in her question mark posture, smiling. She ate pretty well, though, and that was nice to see. But then, at the... Read more →