Save And Save Again
Au Revoir, Marcel

It Is To Lahve...

Meg's on vacation in glorious San Diego, so someone has to keep up the Friday Love List -- might as well be me! But you should do one too. Really, you should.

So, without further ado, I love:

  • My new Starbucks! It opened today! It's two steps from my office! So I loaded up my empty Starbuck's card and had a Caffe Vanilla Frappucino.
  • The weather -- it has been pretty much perfect all week long. I know we need rain, but I still love it!
  • The peacefullness of this week as far as Mom goes. No emergencies, no fear -- a couple little things here and there, but overall it was a peaceful week.
  • Lewis Black. He is the Rant Master. I bow before him.
  • Joe's stories of Cigar Store shoppers. So far my favorite is The Stoner. The dude came into the shop three times last week, and each time asked, "Um. Like... do you sell rolling papers?" And each time Joe says, "Yes -- easyWider, Risla, and Hemp." And the dude says, "Do you have Zig Zag?" And Joe says, "No -- easyWider, Risla, and Hemp." And the dude spaces out for a minute, and then says, "Gimme two packs of easyWider." (Maybe it's a good thing we quit smoking so much pot.)
  • The Funny Times. It is the best compilation of humor out there, especially for fucking liberals like myself.
  • Sleeping under blankets.
  • The snooze alarm.
  • Edy's Slow-Churned ice cream, any flavor.
  • These three songs that played in a row on my iPod this evening: Eye Candy, by Chuck Brown; My Guy, by Mary Wells; and Let's Get It On, by Marvin Gaye.
  • That fact that it's Friday!

Have a great weekend, full of love.