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The Love Is Listed

The hot humid weather reasserted itself earlier this week, with the predictable effect on my already-lousy sleeping habits. Last night, though, the weather broke. I was watching the TeeVee when I heard the spatters of raindrops on the back door. I suppose it rained most of the night, and then it rained again this morning, and then, Boom! Bright blue sky, warm sun, dry air. Bonus! I love that! And because it's Friday, I also... Read more →

Listen Up, SonnyeBoy

Things are better today. I'm beginning to think that perhaps Mom is just going through that good old seven-step process. Right now she's in denial, partly anger -- I think if we just hold tight, stick together, and treat her as kindly as we can, she'll make to acceptance. I sure hope so, anyway. All of your comments helped; really they did. Sometimes you can't help but question yourself, even when your deepest feeling says... Read more →

Well, Damn.

I really thought Mom was getting settled; I really thought she had accepted her new home. Not so much. She said to me, "Don't sell my house. I want to go home. I have to get out of here. I told the physical therapist that I wanted to learn to walk without this walker, and she said I could." And I had to look her in the eye and say, "You must realize that if... Read more →

It Is To Lahve...

Meg's on vacation in glorious San Diego, so someone has to keep up the Friday Love List -- might as well be me! But you should do one too. Really, you should. So, without further ado, I love: My new Starbucks! It opened today! It's two steps from my office! So I loaded up my empty Starbuck's card and had a Caffe Vanilla Frappucino. The weather -- it has been pretty much perfect all week... Read more →

Save And Save Again

I know better; I really do. But I got caught up in illusion of productivity and speed and Hot Damn, I Am Rolling Right Through This Project even after I had already been bitten earlier in the week by the same peculiar habit of this program. Evidently, when once bitten, I am not twice shy. You know what? This sort of thing NEVER HAPPENS when you've just begun the work. Oh no -- it only... Read more →

Why Yes, I Am Ready For Some Football, Thanks

I have been very very very tired all day long, all because I stayed up very very very late. And by very very very late, I mean midnight. Then again, it might have been all the hollering and screaming I did during Monday Night Football, when my 'Skins beat the Iggles, something very few people thought would happen. Joe and I, however, had a heapin' helpin' of 'tism. Ha! HaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! We are TWO and OH!... Read more →

The Weather Outside Is Delightful

The weather has turned and become cool and blue and beautiful. There's a blanket on the bed; the A/C is off; the windows are open. I love this time of year. Of course, next week it could very well be back up in the 90s with matching humidity, but I'll take it while I can. That's DC weather for you -- nothing but a great big tease! It's a good thing it cooled off, since... Read more →

The Interview And A Mother Meme

But first, I saw this meme over at Bev's -- how could I not do it? I mean, it's like an order! 1. What kind of relationship do you have with your Mom...why? I have an excellent relationship with my mother; I always have. She can be difficult, no doubt, and she's a pro at wielding the guilt stick, but overall we have a wonderful relationship. She was always there for me when I was... Read more →

Telling Her Story

Yesterday, before we moved over to assisted living, Mom and I participated in the StoryCorps Memory Loss Initiative. We sat opposite each other, in front of microphones, as I asked her questions about her life and she responded. We talked for about 35 minutes, as Nadja (the StoryCorps recorder girl) recorded us. When we ended, I got all emotional, while Mom was just cool as a cucumber. "I need some lunch; I'm starving!" she said,... Read more →