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The Summer Of Suck

Many people are lamenting the fact that September starts this week, that the days are getting shorter, that fall is imminent and summer is fading away.

I am not. I am very happy to see the turn of the seasons this year, because this summer has mostly sucked shit through a rag.

Okay, I'm not totally happy to see the days get shorter, but it's a small price to pay for overall improvement.

Let's review the reasons why 2007 was The Summer of Suck:

  • Job uncertainty -- from the initial announcement of the reorganization to the revelation of the new structure to the applying for jobs to the decisions made, the whole process sucked. It's like a Law of Corporate Life. No matter how hard the organization tries to do this type of thing right, it will suck.
  • No real vacation, as in a week off doing nothin'. A week of lolling and sipping cool drinks; a week of reading trashy novels and indulging in naps -- whatever, it didn't happen.
  • Got fired from the paid blogging gig. Just not mommybloggish enough, evidently.
  • I did not juggle or write much of anything, two of the things I most like to do. Why? Eh. I don't know. Depression, tiredness, lack of motivation... I can come up with plenty of excuses.
  • And, of course, the biggest reason of all -- Mom's illness and decline has totally thrown all of us for a loop. I don't care how nice a nursing home is, it's still a sad place.

Of course it hasn't been all bad. There have bright flashes of fun and happiness and light: a weekend with friends, two weddings, our anniversary, Memoranza. Joe has been my rock. I got my job.

Best of all, Mom stayed with us, and may even get to go home.

So bring on fall! It's gotta be better than this summer.