Bouncy Bouncy

So It Goes

Friends, bacon, and homegrown tomatoes go a long way toward curing what ails ya.

Friday evening two of our oldest (in length of time known, not age -- heh, but read on) and dearest friends came and crashed with us for the night. We spent most of the evening laughing. Billy cruised through Joe's music library and went into paroxsyms of desire, so he quickly pulled out his laptop and immediately began an orgy of uploading. Linda showed me all of her varied characterers on World of Warcrack and took me on a quick tour of the Lands of The Addicted. (I know; I should talk.)

Anyhow, I realized how much the meaning of "crashed" has changed since we've become creaky geezers. In the past, all you needed was a piece of floor, a loaded bong, and a mix tape. Now, we need comfy beds, night guards, breathing machines, foot braces, iTunes, and cable TV.  In the olden days, you stayed up all night or passed out in the wee hours after one last hit. This time we all trooped upstairs to bed at midnight, partly because the one beer we'd each had was making us sleepy. Ah, ou sont les neiges d'antan?

Ah well. We did, at least, have a great breakfast at a local diner. That's where the bacon comes in.

Oh -- another sign that I am not the party animal I used to be? I was exhausted all Saturday afternoon. I even took a nap. I honestly couldn't do much of anything except loll about and get excited at Antiques Roadshow. Even that took an inordinate amount of energy. At least it wasn't a billion degrees outside.

But today! Today I was productive. My younger sister is bringing Mom home to Seizure World tonight, so I had to snap to it and make sure all Mom's bills were paid and recorded, so when I stop over there in the morning she won't fret. So I popped over, picked up the bills, and brought in the papers. On the way home, I stopped at the local farm stand and bought fresh, homegrown tomatoes, lima beans, sweet white corn, peaches, and a ripe cantaloupe. I got home and shucked the corn and shelled the beans.

Then, pizza for lunch!

Then, shopping at the new organic grocery store, where we picked up some steaks and St. Andre cheese, Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager, rosemary essential oil -- see, you put a couple drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and smooth it through your damp hair, and your hair will shine, shine, shine -- and some nice hippie face cleanser.

Then, a bunch of STC work, which I will have to finish tomorrow, because the Word file is on my work laptop. (Damn!) But I edited the hardcopy, so it will take only minutes to complete.

So it goes; it was a good weekend. This week is Mornings with Mom week. Wish me luck.