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Bouncy Bouncy

My mood has been as volatile as the stock market the last couple of weeks. I go from feeling that "everything is hunky-dory" to "everything is fucking doomed" and back like a ping-pong ball in play. Yesterday the dishwasher went and shit the bed. Oh joy. Our plan to not replace the appliances before we sell the house is slowing getting overruled by the appliances themselves. First the washer and dryer, now the dishwasher. (Hello,... Read more →

So It Goes

Friends, bacon, and homegrown tomatoes go a long way toward curing what ails ya. Friday evening two of our oldest (in length of time known, not age -- heh, but read on) and dearest friends came and crashed with us for the night. We spent most of the evening laughing. Billy cruised through Joe's music library and went into paroxsyms of desire, so he quickly pulled out his laptop and immediately began an orgy of... Read more →


I can't possibly be coherent this time of the day, so here's Friday's Feast! Appetizer What is your favorite kind of pie? Pumpkin, but only that made from my Gramma's recipe. I don't care who makes it, but it has to be that recipe. Other than that, pecan, but it has to be non-glommy. And warm. With a scoop of good vanilla ice cream on it. Soup Name something that made you smile this week.... Read more →

The Final Frontier

May 5, 1961 was an unusual day at St. John's School. Our classroom had a black-and-white TV stationed in the front of the room, tuned to the special news report. I was in third grade, nine years old. I knew something amazing was about to happen. Sure enough, at 9:38 that morning, Alan Shepard was blasted in space aboard the first manned Mercury space flight. He wasn't the first man in space; the Russians aced... Read more →

Finally Simpsonized!

Yes, I finally got the Simpsonization Process to work, even down to specifying my hairstyle, mouth style, and body type! I rather like it, even if it does capture my eyebags a little too precisely. Anyhow, I was even able to Springfieldize my background -- I thought this one was pretty appropriate. Now I can finally do something more productive. Like play more Snood. Read more →

Heat Index

I have a very low tolerance for hot food; so low that "mild" to me means "really really spicy and almost intolerable." I mean, I find the fresh tomato salsa at Chipotle to be quite tangy on the tongue. Joe, on the other hand, has a finely honed and discriminating hotness palate. He's always on the lookout for the World's Most Perfect Hot Sauce: not so hot that all you taste is pain, not so... Read more →

Ten Things I Would Like To Do This Weekend

We are staying home this weekend. Whew. I have been down in the dumps this week, hungover from taking care of Mom, worrying about my job, and coping with some odd form of menopausal PMS. I do believe that it was mostly from the hormones though, because I felt much more sanguine yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good today. But really! PMS when I haven't had a period in months! So. Not. Fair. Kind of... Read more →


Look what appeared on my desk last week: Whoever gave me this perfectly nice plant does not know me very well. I am very bad with plants. It's not that I want to be bad with plants; I just am. I've tried, God knows. I had little coleus plants in my dorm room; they all died. I had a spider plant in my first group house room; it died. I tried cactus -- I mean,... Read more →