Ten Things I Would Like To Do This Weekend
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Eighty Percent or Thereabouts

Let's recap, shall we?

Here are the ten things I wanted to do this weekend, along with whether or not I did them:

1. Sleep late, and by "late" I mean, oh, 8:00 am.
On Saturday, I slept until 8:30 -- yay! Sunday? I got up at 7:30, but it was to go to Starbuck's with Joe, so that was okay. Really.

2. See at least one movie.
I actually saw two movies, one of which was The Simpsons. It was fabulous, of course, so so funny. I've been humming "Spider Pig" all weekend. The other one? Repo Man, believe it or not. It was playing at the AFI Silver as part of their Tribute to the 80s. The only showing was at 10:45 pm, which is normally way past my bedtime. But late coffee helped, and I only dozed off once, so Joe only had to elbow me in the ribs once. So, given that I didn't get to bed until after midnight, it's really not surprising that I managed to sleep until 8:30.

3. Play a lot of Snood.
Oh hell yes.

4. Take a few naps.
I'm normally not a good napper, but I did have a sweet little doze late yesterday afternoon.

5. Buy Harry Potter and Lean Mean Thirteen. (I have a coup'n for 30% off!)
Bought! I also bought a yoga mat bag which holds my juggling clubs and beanbags perfectly.

6. Read them.
I'm 30 pages into Harry Potter. Lean Mean Thirteen will have to wait, I'm afraid.

7. Eat ice cream in some form, several times.
Twice, once in the form of a bowl of ice cream and once in the form of a milkshake.

8. Do the Dance of Love.

9. Scrapbook my pictures from last September's trip to Chicago.
Alas, no, but that's okay. Perhaps next weekend.

10. Succeed at simpsonizing myself.

Nope. I almost made it once again, but alas. However, I shall not give up! I shall be simpsonized!