So It Goes
You Heard Me

Bouncy Bouncy

My mood has been as volatile as the stock market the last couple of weeks. I go from feeling that "everything is hunky-dory" to "everything is fucking doomed" and back like a ping-pong ball in play.

Yesterday the dishwasher went and shit the bed. Oh joy. Our plan to not replace the appliances before we sell the house is slowing getting overruled by the appliances themselves. First the washer and dryer, now the dishwasher. (Hello, Fridge and Stove? Behave yourselves.) On the other hand, Joe got chocolate-covered mint Oreos at the store. Now that's the way to make a marriage last, among other things (heh).

I can handle stress pretty well, at least when it's only one stressful thing at a time. When I start dealing two or more stressful things simultaneously -- like the Mom Situation and the Job Situation, that's when I get a little twitchy.

But now I think life is starting to even out, at least a little bit.

Yeah, so I have a job. It's the very same job I have now, but because of the reorganization I had to apply for it again, get interviewed, and then act all excited when I got the official word that I had my same job. I ran into our VP today as I was walking back from lunch. He smiled and said, "So you have a seat, right?" And I said, "Yep. I have a seat, I'm at the table, and I'm ready to eat." Nothing like a little pleasant sucking up to cement your professional future.

Yeah, so Mom's at home again. It's going okay. I stop by in the morning to get her breakfast, make sure she takes her meds, and turn on Regis. So far she's been up and dressed and downstairs by the time I get there -- a hopeful sign. And she can still wield a mean guilt stick. Joe stops by midday to make sure she has lunch. Then my younger sister comes over to get her dinner, give her the evening meds, and get her to bed. My older brother makes it home and is there at night.

But this can't last long term, so we're looking into outside help.

And a winning lottery ticket.