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I Love The Love List

It's Friday, and I missed last week's listing of love-ly things, so I must make up for it, even though I got a bit of a shock today at the nursing home, which is that Mom may get discharged as soon as next Wednesday. Oh. God. Now what? But I can't quite bring myself to think about that now. I'd rather think about things I love. So here are some of them. I love my... Read more →

Need A Proofreader?

painersign Originally uploaded by Bozoette Actually, we finished all the paining we were going to do already, so we don't need a painer. We used mostly white pain, although we did choose a pretty green pain for the bathroom and bright blue pain for the guest room. (Phone number purposely smudged to protect the painer; otherwise, this sign is untouched.) Read more →

The Summer Of Suck

Many people are lamenting the fact that September starts this week, that the days are getting shorter, that fall is imminent and summer is fading away. I am not. I am very happy to see the turn of the seasons this year, because this summer has mostly sucked shit through a rag. Okay, I'm not totally happy to see the days get shorter, but it's a small price to pay for overall improvement. Let's review... Read more →

And There's A Kitty

Mom will spend the next few weeks in the nursing home, getting physical therapy and other help. Her own favorite doctor will visit her there and make sure her meds are right. Thank God. I'm meeting with the admissions director (I think) tomorrow morning to get all of the details surrounding her stay, how long she can with full Medicare coverage, how long she can stay with 80% coverage, how much the 20% translates to... Read more →


I'm exhausted. I've done nothing but sit in hospital rooms for the last two days, but I'm exhausted. Mom had a pacemaker implanted in her chest this morning. She came through the minimally invasive surgery beautifully, according to the doctors. I'm not so sure, but I'll take their word for it. I must admit that she seemed a bit more grounded in this reality this morning, even though she couldn't remember my name and even... Read more →

I Don't Know A Thing About It

Yesterday Mom was convinced that there was a big nurses strike occurring in front of the hospital. She told us that her doctor had a terrible time crossing the picket line; as a result, she didn't get her pills! When her doctor visited her, he asked her about the people surrounding her. He pointed to my older sister and asked, "Who is that?" "That's my... oldest daughter." "What's her name?" Mom hesitated, thinking hard, and... Read more →

Today She Was In China

I took today off to be at the hospital with Mom. Joe and I got there a bit before noon -- she seemed to be sleeping peacefully, Country Living magazine open in her hand and the television on. The IV whispered beside her high-tech bed. I gently placed my hand on her thin, bruised arm. "Mom?" Her eyes flew open and she saw me, saw both of us, and grabbed for our hands. "Oh, you're... Read more →


Mom had been doing pretty well until last night. My brother and his fiance went out to pick up some dinner. When they got back, 20 minutes later, she was standing over the sink, her nose bleeding like mad. My brother (who is a physician's assistant) could not get the bleeding stopped, and called 911. Her blood pressure went through the roof. She was admitted, ostensibly just overnight. Today the news is not good. She... Read more →

Lord, She Was Lovey-Dovey

Meg's making the Love List a Friday must-do. And I always do what I must do, doo-be-doo-be-do. So here, without further a-do, are More Things I Love. My Mom, who asked me this morning if she should give her lunchtime pill to Gramma. Louis Jordan's music, especially Knock Me A Kiss and Saturday Night Fish Fry. Betty Boop as Minne the Moocher. Early Popeye cartoons, especially this one. The Political Punditry podcast with Brick Hawke... Read more →

You Heard Me

Here it is. When I die, I want my body to be burned up and my ashes scattered on the beach. Save a few grains of my remains in an envelope or a Glad Bag if you must have a souvenir of my person, but I don't want the majority of the corporeal ex-me to be cooped up in a plastic container or a fancy urn or a handcarved box or a paper lunch bag.... Read more →