Bit By Bit

There Were Dolphins

Well, if you want to split hairs, I did not see actual physical aquatic mammals. But this weekend with Mom was so different from the week I spent with her that I feel as if I saw great pods of dolphins dancing on the beach.

Yes, she's better. Not all the way; that's not going to happen. But better enough that I could let go of my breath and relax. Better enough that she's dressing herself without any help. Better enough that her physical therapist is going to teach her to use a cane rather than the walker. Better enough that she insisted that my older sister play golf today and no, she did not want my brother-in-law to come and stay with her, dammit, she was perfectly capable of staying by herself. Better enough that her internist doesn't need to see her again for three months.

I took her to the beauty parlor on Saturday, where she had her hair colored, cut, and blown dry. Later, she trimmed up the bangs because she wasn't quite happy with the way the stylist had done them -- a little too "foofy", you know.

And hurray! Joe and I did get to the beach, despite the iffy weather. There was enough sun to make us hot and sweaty, so we cooled off in the ocean, floating over the waves and letting the saltwater support us. We went early, to take advantage of what sun there was, and took Mom to lunch afterward.

As we were packing up, Mom told me to thank everyone who sent her a birthday card. She got over 20, and loved them all. So thank you from Mom, and thank you from me, and thank you for the dolphins.