It Started Out As A Good Commute
What'cha Gonna Do?

Spur Of The Moment

Friday morning Joe suggested that we go down 'ee ocean this weekend. I resisted at first, then realized the folly of that position and agreed, as long as we came back today.

Damn work ethic.

We threw some stuff in a bag, got up early Saturday morning, slammed down some coffee, and jumped in the car. We crossed the bay at 9:30, rolled into the house, slammed down some more coffee, and proceeded to do some serious relaxing.

We relaxed as we ate lunch at Mackey's, a bar and grill on the bay.

It has its own beach.


Where you can see these:


And these:


Then we headed to the nursing home to visit Mom. My older sister was there, so we got caught up on everything that was going on. Mom was pissed off because they wouldn't let her out yet; she has to wait until Tuesday, when the doctor will be there to determine if she's well enough. She pointed out the bad decor again -- she's really jonesin' over the ugly bedspreads and tacky gilt mirrors.

We hung out until about 5:30, when Mom was ready to get into her jammies. I helped her do that, then her dinner arrived and she shooed us away.

Today we visited in the morning, and she was in a quite good mood. After a good visit and many instructions, we went to lunch at Micky Finn's, another bar and grill on the bay. This one is on the west side, overlooking the fishing center.


That's Ocean City in the distance. We sat on the upstairs porch, where we could see the rides on the boardwalk!

Then we went to the beach. It was pretty crowded.


I didn't go in the water, but plenty of people did, like these boogie boarders catching a good wave.


You know, the ENT doc told me that one of the reasons I get headaches is because I grind my teeth, and I need to relax. I had a cranio-sacral treatment a while ago, and the therapist told me I was way too busy in my head, and I needed to learn to relax.

I know how to do it. All I need to do is sit on the beach. It's My Place. It's where I'm automatically happy, no matter what else is happening.


We left about five, stopped for supper at our favorite bar and grill (sense a theme here?), now we're home, and I'm getting tired.

Good night.