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There Were Dolphins

Well, if you want to split hairs, I did not see actual physical aquatic mammals. But this weekend with Mom was so different from the week I spent with her that I feel as if I saw great pods of dolphins dancing on the beach. Yes, she's better. Not all the way; that's not going to happen. But better enough that I could let go of my breath and relax. Better enough that she's dressing... Read more →

Bit By Bit

Later today Joe and I are heading down to Ocean City for the weekend shift of mom-sitting. I would like to put my body in the ocean sometime before we leave. Nature may conspire against me, as the weather forecast is not stellar, but if I can, I will. Somehow, even though there were extenuating circumstances, it seems sacrilegious that I was there, right beside the goddamn ocean, for an entire week and did not... Read more →

It's All You Need

Today the lovely and talented Meg challenged us all to write down, in list form, things we love. She says: My goal today is to remind myself (and encourage you! and you! and you! and you! and you! to do it, too) about the things in my world that are amazing and wonderful. I know I’ve had a Crap Week from Planet Hell, and I bet some of you have, too. I could use a... Read more →

Lucky Dog

This is Luther. He's a pit bull. Notice anything strange about him? Take a close look at his head. Hmm? Right. Luther has no ears. Let me tell you why. My great good friend Shad works in Las Vegas. She was driving home from work late one night when Luther ran into the street, right in front of her car. She slammed on the brakes, then she pulled over, got out of her car, and... Read more →

I Think I'll Eat A Peach

I got home yesterday at lunchtime, abandoning my mother to my younger sister's tender ministrations ("You are NOT having a stroke! Now go back to sleep!") and speeding all the way home. Who knew that a Honda Accord could top 85 miles an hour? (Just kidding, SonnyeBoy.) Joe bundled me straight into his car and we went to lunch, where I managed to not soak my pad thai in tears as I described the Week... Read more →

After The Storm

The loveliest sunsets come after the storm. It's about 6:30 am. I woke up to the soft sound of Mom's walker whispering over the carpet. I was sure she would call to me for help, or to suggest coffee, or to talk about her headache. But she went back to bed! I'm hopeful that this is a good sign. Then again, it could be a bad sign. Who knows? Her blood pressure is coming down,... Read more →

Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good: She still has her sense of humor. Her appetite is better -- she wanted ribs for dinner! -- and she's gaining weight. She's using her walker without complaining, and even admitted she felt more stable with it. She still wants to dress herself, but she's willing to wear the padded paper underpants. She frets about her bills, which might not seem like a good thing, but it is. The Bad: Her blood pressure... Read more →

A Break From Worry

I spent the weekend participating in Memoranza, the scrapbook cult's mid-year free for all. Well, actually it's not free at all (heh). You pay for the privilege of sitting in a hotel ballroom with other devotees of the hobby, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and seeing who can out-cute the other in designing elaborate concoctions of patterned paper, stickers, heartwarming pre-printed sayings, and the occasional photograph. I had a great time. It took my mind off... Read more →

Back From The Brink

Thank you, everyone, for your good thoughts, your prayers, your concern. I love you all. Mom's better. She slept well last night and her headache is almost gone. When I talked to her on the phone this afternoon, she sounded much stronger. The family rallied round, so the beach house will be full this weekend. We're going down on Monday. So between the whole fam damily (except us) there this weekend and us there next... Read more →