Inky Comes to Dinner
Renegade Apostrophe!

We Kicked Ass in Tug of War

Today was the yearly Day of Mandatory Fun, also know as the Division Picnic.

I am happy to say that it actually was fun. It helped that it was cool and cloudy as opposed to blisteringly hot and humid. We all gathered at the picnic site -- which was next door to the CIA, make of that what you will -- for team games and getting-to-know-each-other stuff.

I was on the Purple Team. We played a round-robin of various games of skill, including volleyball, horseshoes, ball-throwing, whiffle ball, tug-of-war, and Taboo.

Yes! There were games for the non-athletes among us. I rule in Taboo. I know this because several people from the other team complimented me on my Taboo talent. Evidently I made it look easy. The other brain teaser game was one of those puzzles where there's a number and initials, and you have to guess what the initials are.

For example: 1 = W on a U is Wheels on a Unicycle; 1001 = A N is Arabian Nights; 1024 = T to the T P is Two to the Tenth Power. Crap like that. We did very well on that one.


Our team kicked ass in Tug of War, largely because we had two big muscley guys on the team, who yawned while they yanked the other team totally over the line. I hung on and fell over, so I sat out the second round. (They did not miss me.)

I surprised myself in the volleyball game. I haven't played since high school, but I was reasonably competent then. First surprise: serving. I actually (a) hit the ball and (b) got it over the net. One serve actually completely faked out the other team, because it looked like it was going out but it landed juuuuuuust inside. Almost like I planned it!

And! I even hit the ball so that other people could hit it! When I was at the net, the ball came toward me and I hit it straight up in the air -- at least I thought it went straight up in the air. So I ducked and covered so (a) someone else could spike it or (b) I wouldn't die when it hit me. However! It fell juuuuuuust barely on the other side of the net, and the girl opposite me whiffed. So yeah! Volleyball!

On the other hand, I suck at horseshoes.

Then we got to eat lots of barbeque food and drink beer and go home early.

Not bad for mandatory fun. Not bad at all.