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Inky Comes to Dinner

The Birthday Card Project My mom turned 96 last Saturday! Wouldn't you like to send her a birthday card? Sure you would! Just email me and I'll send you her address. Meanwhile... Oh hi! Ya wouldn't happen to have any chow lying around, wouldya? Mind if I come in? Look, I just wanna bite to eat. I'm a little nervous about this, so don't make any sudden moves, 'mkay? Oh, yum! Tastes great, man! Don't... Read more →

Ten Things About My Mom

Happy 96th birthday Mom! 1. Mom remembers when Georgia Avenue -- now a six-lane major thoroughfare -- was a dirt road. When a car came up the road, she ran to the window to watch it go by. 2. Mom graduated from high school in 1928. The theme for the yearbook was The New Technology of Flight, because Charles Lindbergh made the first solo flight across the Atlantic the previous year. 3. Mom still beats... Read more →

Ups and Downs

I've been riding an emotional roller coaster this week; if I still had periods, I'd probably blame it on PMS. But nope -- it's more like normal everyday slings and arrows. The downs: Work. Reorganization is in the air, and we all know what that means. First off, I missed qualifying for the early retirement deal by three months. Then, everyone in my department had to write and submit their job description. Lots of folks... Read more →

Oldie But Goodie

Thanks, Purple Chai! How old were you when you first went to the movie theatre? What movie did you see? I think I must have been 5, because Disney reissued Cinderella in 1957. I was fascinated by it. Those mice made the dress for Cinderella! Wow! How old were you when you had your first child(ren)? I was 29 when SonnyeBoy was born. I wanted to have my first child by the time I turned... Read more →

Ferry Nice!

Here comes the Cape May--Lewes ferry! We'll be boarding just as soon as it docks. The crew directs all the Harley Boys to their spots on the car deck. Once we pass the lighthouse, we're in the open sea. We're travelling 17 miles across the mouth of the Delaware Bay from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey for the afternoon. The ride takes about an hour and a half, so maybe we'll have a... Read more →