Happily Ever After
At Least She Got Sick At The Beach

Oh My Yummy!

Joe picked me up at work and off we went to celebrate our anniversary. We decided that we wanted to try someplace new, but I left the ultimate choice up to Joe.

Oh holy dear sweet Jesus, Joe chose very, very well indeed.

We dined at a swell little place called Grapeseed, a local wine bar and bistro. The menu is lovely, with every appetizer, entree, and dessert paired with a complimentary wine.

We were the first patrons to arrive -- we arrived even before that night's menus, which illustrates the changeable nature of the choices -- but everyone was lovely and the bartender seated us right away.

As we turned toward the table for two, I noticed this:


Yes. Joe had the local florist deliver these beauties to the restaurant, where they were waiting for me.

Almost as soon as we were seated, our waiter (Victor) brought over two complimentary flutes of champagne! Normally, champagne makes my face scrunch up, but this champagne was smooth and delightful. Delicious!

Now, I don't normally do food porn. I'm certainly not nearly as good at it as Chuck, who really knows his stuff and can describe excellent cuisine so well you can taste it. Moreover, I was stupid and didn't write down the descriptions of what I had, so beware. I really have no idea of why everything was so good and I certainly can't tell you what the sauces were or how the food was cooked or what some of the ingredients were, but I can show you pictures. So here goes.

For an appetizer, Joe and I shared these wonderful fried oysters (or ahrsters, if you're from the Eastern Shore). Not a trace of grease in the crispy cornmeal coating, and the little guys inside were like buttah. And! There were pieces of perfect bacon in the sauce!


Next, I had a really great grilled romaine salad. Victor described it as a "sort of Caesar salad", but it was much, much tastier than your garden-variety Caesar salad. The romaine was intact and very lightly grilled -- really a nifty idea. It also had peppadews and some sort of cheese, plus something crunchy. (See how eloquent I am at describing food preparation? God.)


Main course! Joe got the filet mignon, but I decided to be a little more adventurous. Lamb chops! Perfectly cooked, incredibly flavorful, with lovely little stuffed grape leaves and some orzo-y side dish. We chose to have the paired wine; mine was a Petit Syrah, which really was perfect with the lamb, deep and full-bodied. Added bonus: no hot flash!


Finally, dessert and coffee. The coffee was excellent, rich and black, with no need of sugar or cream. For my dessert, I chose the raspberry Napolean. It was constructed of oatmeal lace cookies, fresh raspberries, and creme fraiche. It was exactly sweet enough -- I had to resist licking the plate. Also sweet? Both desserts had cute little candles burning when they arrived, another nice congratulations from the staff.


Of course, I blew mine out before I took the picture. I clearly do not have the hang of food blogging.

Anyway, delicious, delicious, delicious -- a perfect meal for a happy anniversary.