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The Family Meme

When Bev did this one a few days ago, I thought "Remember this one!" And tonight, when I was idly rummaging around in my brain for something to write about, my brain replied, "Hey, remember that family meme that Bev did a few days ago? Do that." So I am. 1. Who's the oldest living member of your family? My mother. If you've been reading this, you already know that she turned 96 earlier this... Read more →

The Test

Yesterday I had my electronystagmography. Let me tell you, it's more fun than a day at the beach. This is the test that would determine whether my dizziness (Shut. Up.) was Benign Positronic Positional Vertigo (I may have gotten that slightly incorrect) or a brain-eating worm or something equally horrifying and incurable. I brought my CT scan films with me. I looked at them; I couldn't see any alligators in my sinuses -- oh, who... Read more →

At Least She Got Sick At The Beach

I've been down 'ee ocean for the last few days. I wish I could say it was for a carefree romp on the beach, but alas! It was not. It was to help take of my Mom. She'd been trying to get the best of a cold, but it wasn't getting any better. She resisted all efforts to get her to go to The Beach Doctor, until finally she couldn't breathe. You read that right:... Read more →

Oh My Yummy!

Joe picked me up at work and off we went to celebrate our anniversary. We decided that we wanted to try someplace new, but I left the ultimate choice up to Joe. Oh holy dear sweet Jesus, Joe chose very, very well indeed. We dined at a swell little place called Grapeseed, a local wine bar and bistro. The menu is lovely, with every appetizer, entree, and dessert paired with a complimentary wine. We were... Read more →

Happily Ever After

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. It's a beautiful day today, and it was a beautiful day 27 years ago. I remember that in particular, because our wedding day was the last nice day of the entire summer. At 12:01 am the next day, the temperature shot up into the high 90s, with matching humidity, and stayed that way until the following October. I know this because, after the wedding, we moved to a third-floor... Read more →

Gone Phishing

So I got this email today: U.S ARMY PERSONNEL 1st Armored Division( IRAQ ) Tikitit Regitment Base. Dear Friend, My name is SGT James Bill, I am an American soldier, serving in the military of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq , As you know we are being attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs.We managed to move funds belonging to Saddam Hussien's family. The total amount is US$15 Million dollars in cash, mostly 100... Read more →

Ah, It Must Be June

Weddings! Remember I mentioned that my grand-niece got married on June 9th? Well, here's the happy couple at their reception, two swingers in love. Last Friday Joe's brother got married too, to a lovely Brazilian woman. She speaks very little English; he speaks no Portugese, but they fell for each other anyway! They met when her sister married his housemate. The ceremony was at a lovely public garden here in Maryland; the minister was bilingual,... Read more →

We Kicked Ass in Tug of War

Today was the yearly Day of Mandatory Fun, also know as the Division Picnic. I am happy to say that it actually was fun. It helped that it was cool and cloudy as opposed to blisteringly hot and humid. We all gathered at the picnic site -- which was next door to the CIA, make of that what you will -- for team games and getting-to-know-each-other stuff. I was on the Purple Team. We played... Read more →