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Happily Ever After

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary.

It's a beautiful day today, and it was a beautiful day 27 years ago. I remember that in particular, because our wedding day was the last nice day of the entire summer. At 12:01 am the next day, the temperature shot up into the high 90s, with matching humidity, and stayed that way until the following October.

I know this because, after the wedding, we moved to a third-floor walkup with no air conditioning. We were allowed one window unit for free, so we bought a tiny little air conditioner from a friend for 50 bucks and lived in the bedroom all that summer.

Good thing we were newlyweds, eh?

Of course, we'd already been living together, but my folks either didn't know that or chose to ignore it. Check that -- Mom tried to pull it out me, but I didn't take the bait. Mom and Pop took us and the priest who married us out to a fancy schmancy steakhouse for dinner to talk about the wedding. They picked us up. On the way home, Mom said, "Does Joe need a ride home?" And I said, "Oh no, he's got his car at my house."

Which, mind you, was the absolute truth. It just happened to be his house too.

Ah, the things we did in the olden days!

Anyway, the day was beautiful. We had a great wedding and a wonderful party. Our housemate Larry sang, our friend Vince took the photos, we had a delicious chocolate cake, and I spilled cherry sauce on my dress (but it was just a tiny spot). My nine-year nephew (brother's kid) caught the garter; my nine-year niece (sister's kid) caught the bouquet. (We skipped the bit where the guy who catches the garter puts it on the girl who catches the bouquet.) Our wedding guy (the catering manager at the restaurant) was named Moe, and he wore a brown polyester tux to the reception.

"Hey Moe!" our best man would yell. "I need another Jack Daniels over here!" And Magical Moe would make it so.

My Pop lent us his Chevy Caprice so that we could drive to Ocean City (our honeymoon destination) in style. We roared out of the gravel parking lot in a cloud of dust, causing my Pop to yell, "Hey! That's my car!"

We made it to my parents' condo in record time, had some dinner at a Mexican joint (we continued to eat there every anniversary until it closed), and pulled out the double sofa bed.

Shortly afterward we snuggled under the covers, I started giggling, because there we were in bed together, in my parents' condo, and they not only knew about it, they approved of it!