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Ah, It Must Be June


Remember I mentioned that my grand-niece got married on June 9th? Well, here's the happy couple at their reception, two swingers in love.


Last Friday Joe's brother got married too, to a lovely Brazilian woman. She speaks very little English; he speaks no Portugese, but they fell for each other anyway! They met when her sister married his housemate. The ceremony was at a lovely public garden here in Maryland; the minister was bilingual, so we heard the vows in English and Portugese. We congratulated the couple with bubbles!


The bride's extended family serenaded the couple with lovely Brazilian songs; I wished I understood the lyrics.

So we had a couple in their 20s, blending their families, and a couple in their 50s, starting a new life together.  And later this month? Our 27th anniversary.

Ain't love grand?