The Call Of The Road Is A Siren Song
Don't Worry; Everything's Under Control

The Puck Is In; The Home Team Wins!

The pucks are dropping, the beards are growing, Bill Clement is looking exceptionally rugged and handsome -- it's the Stanley Cup playoffs!

I couldn't quite make it through the four overtimes that the Canucks needed to win over the Stars, unfortunately, but at least the Canucks won! Why am I rooting for the Canucks? Well, Meg is from Vancouver, and she roots for the Canucks, therefore so shall I.

But I'm also glad that the Senators won, for my great good pal Jamie is from Ottawa, and besides, I hate the Penguins. Yes, I know Sid the Kid is amazing, but I Do. Not. Care. Go Sens!

And tonight, the Red Wings are ahead four-zip over the Flames, and that pleases me because I rather like Robert Lang, since he once played for my Caps.

Another thing I love about hockey is how polite and humble the players are! Really, listen to an interview sometime; they all go the same way:

Interviewer: So, you're ahead here at the end of the first period. What's your strategy for keeping this lead?

Hockey Player and/or Coach: Well, y'know, we're really try to get out there on the ice and try a few different things, work as a team, and our skating's been pretty strong and luckily the puck's had eyes and we've been able to put the puck in the net.

Or, if the team's behind:

Interviewer: So, you're trailing here at the end of the first period. What are you going to have to do to catch this team?

Hockey Player and/or Coach: Well, y'know, we're a little off our game and their goalie's turned aside some good shots, but if we get back to our game plan and skate strong and have a little luck we'll be able to put the puck in the net.

But on the ice - oh, on the ice! It's just so... 'Scuse me, the third period just started!