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Rooms, Reborn!

I took yesterday off -- had a touch of anal glaucoma, meaning I couldn't see my ass going to work. (And props to LA's Mr. Hunkalicious for that!)

But what I could see my ass doing was executing my grand redecorating of the two bitty bedrooms plan.

See, it's like this.

One bitty bedroom used to be SonnyeBoy's room. It contained a double platform bed, a desk, a footstool piled high with various stuff, and a chest of drawers. The room's so bitty that you had to turn sideways to go between the bed and the desk, and the chest of drawers was placed such that you couldn't open the door all the way.

The other bitty bedroom was emptier than usual, because we freecycled the single bed, kid's armoire, and older chest of drawers. So in there were three mismatched chairs, a bookcase, a microwave cart being used as an end table, and various piles of assorted crap from all the painting that's been going on.

So I became obsessed with rearranging these rooms to make them (A) useful and (B) reasonably attractive so that we can eventually sell this house. I began by dejunkifying the floor of Bitty Bedroom 2, then I used the Magical Dohickeys to slide the chest of drawers from Bitty Bedroom 1 next to the bookcase.

And that's how it stayed for a week, as I planned the rest of the assault on the rooms. The main goal was to move the desk out of Bitty Bedroom 1 and into Bitty Bedroom 2, replace the desk with the microwave cart, move the footstool into our bedroom and back to its matching chair, and then hang a bunch of pictures. It's amazing that I didn't use Microsoft Project to track it all, except that I hate Microsoft Project.

Yesterday was the day of the great move.

First, I had to denude the double bed and take it apart, because the desk wasn't going to make it past the frame. Then I moved the footstool and its pile of stuff into our bedroom. Then I moved everything out of the way in Bitty Bedroom 2, so that there would be a clear path for the desk. This involved moving a filing cabinet, chairs, and a couple area rugs.

Of course, Joe helped a lot with the actual Moving of Heavy Stuff, and the dohickeys were God's Gift to Amateur Furniture Movers. We actually had to tilt the desk onto its side to get it out of one bedroom and into the other, but it worked!

I did have to supplement the microwave cart with another little table, but that's okay. Now you can actually walk past it without fear.

And Bitty Bedroom 2? I. Love. It.


Of course, there must be clowns. Joe had that clown poster framed for me, and there's a swell Murano glass clown in the corner of the desk -- a gift from some STC friends. See that print over the desk? I inherited that from my aunt. It's a girl with an owl on her head, and it's one of my favorite things. It's been sitting on the floor since I got it two years ago, so I'm delighted that it's hanging up now. Here's a close up:


Isn't she swell? Over to the right of the desk is a really comfy wing chair that I inherited from my gramma. Joe had it reupholstered as a surprise for me. That's Kringle Bear wearing my white feather boa sitting in the chair.


Finally, the chest of drawers and bookcase, all fancied up with various tchotkes.


Put the fluffy fake fur rug on the floor, and it's ready to go.