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The Call Of The Road Is A Siren Song

Every year about this time, I get the itch to get out on the road. I remember how I felt way back when as I packed up my van with makeup and eight-track tapes and clothes and beer, anxious to get going, to get away from home and into the world, figuring it all out as I went along, armed with a road atlas and CB radio just in case. I'd kiss my folks good-bye,... Read more →

Hibachi Easter

It's still cold as all get out, with yet another freeze warning for tonight. Good thing I'm not a gardiner; I might have to be concerned. Mom came home from her initial sojourn to the beach; now she can't wait to get back there. I swear, she must have a cat in a former life; when she's here, she wants to be there; when she's there, she wants to be here. We made arrangements to... Read more →

Ten Random Things

All that remains of the Great Bedroom Painting Project is a little touchup in the corners and the replacement of the furniture and assorted crap. I have only one fear: the bedroom is so clean and brightly white that I may never be able to sleep again. It's a small price to pay, actually. Keith, Keith, Keith -- drugs are bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. And mixing your father's ashes with "a little blow"... Read more →

Paint and Glide

So last Sunday we began the Great Painting of the Bedroom. I mean, what could be so difficult? Coat of Kilz, coat of eggshell, bing bam boom. Well, we got it half done, more or less. See, we have a very heavy, Mission-style queen-size bed. We have a very heavy, solid oak dresser. We tend to put off heavy work, seeing as how we are old and fragile and prone to breakage. The dresser has... Read more →