When Intestines Rebel

Look To The Lyrics

All right, I'm done with the sad song shit.

But! I'm not done with songs. Joe was the inspiration for this one. As we were driving to the mall after a dandy Sunday morning breakfast at Tubby's Diner, he asked me a question:

"Mary, how do I get to Sugar Hill in Harlem?"

And I -- of course -- answered:

"Joe, you would take the A train."

And thus was born a quiz. The questions come from the lyrics of a variety of songs; the same lyrics also contain the answer. Leave your answers in the comments. If you're the first one to get 100%, I'll send you a very valuable prize. (Okay, it's leftover swag from 3tacon, but it's good, I promise.)

1. Why don't the pumps work? (Hint: Bob Dylan)

2.  You ain't been blue until you've had what? (Hint: Duke Ellington)

3. Damn! I misplaced my heart! Where did I leave it? (Hint: Tony Bennett)

4. Who came from Miami, F-L-A? (Hint: Lou Reed)

5. So take a good look at my face. What's easy to trace? (Hint: The Miracles)

6. Why don't I need to ask for anything more? (Hint: George Gershwin)

7. You know, you should be glad. Why? (Hint: The Beatles)

8. Who was a low-down hootchie-kootcher? (Hint: Cab Calloway)

9. Who killed those Kennedys? (Hint: The Rolling Stones)

10. Who has eyes that men adore so, and a torso even more so? (Hint: Groucho Marx)

I'll post the answers in a couple days, if no one beats me to it.