The Puck Is In; The Home Team Wins!

Don't Worry; Everything's Under Control

It's just as they say: the first one's free. It's so good, so seductive, so you try it again. Yes, still that rush, that thrill that fills you with pleasure and makes you want to do it again.

So you do it again. And again. And again and again and again. Pretty soon, though, the initial level doesn't work anymore. You need more, an additional challenge, a bigger dose to get the same thrill and challenge. It's harder for awhile, and then you start to cruise again. You wonder what the next step will bring; you flirt with the idea of chucking all your responsibilities and just going for it.

The siren song croons and you listen, mesmerized. The more you do it, the more you want to do it. "Just one more," you think, "just one more and then I'll get to work (or go to bed or watch that show or call your mother or...)." Before you know it, one more turns into 10 more and it's midnight and you've done nothing. You stumble into bed -- and dream about it. In the morning you're right back at it. "Just one more" becomes your mantra.

Soon you realize that the jig is up; you must pay the piper. You get notices that you try to ignore, but they're always there, reminding you. Pretty soon you can't stand it anymore -- "All right! All right!" you cry. "I'll ante up!"

So you click the Register button. You pay your 20 bucks and get your registration code.

And Snood is now all yours.

Just one more...

(It's all Robyn's fault.)