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Made It Through Another One

Winter, that is; I made it through another winter. Whew. For years when i was a kid, right around Labor Day my Aunt Helena would always sigh heavily and say "I'll never see another spring." Well, I wish she were here to see this one. Spring blew into town last Sunday, when the flowering trees exploded into bloom. The magnolias are stinking up the joint (in a very good way!), the red buds are providing... Read more →

Yeah, I'm Clearly Tired

So it's second period intermission in the game between the Red Wings and the Ducks, with the Hockey Town boys up 1-0, and we switch to TCM just on account of because, and it's a grand technicolor version of The Three Musketeers! And here, in blazing Technicolor, is Gene Kelly (of all people!) as D'Artagnan being pursued by Cardinal Richelieu's (Vincent Price!) men along the beaches of France, which look suspiciously like southern California, but... Read more →

Meme At The Movies

Bev comes through again! Here's a movie meme for you. 1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times. There are too many to list, but I'll go with The Shawshank Redemption. I mean, whenever I can't sleep, I just turn on the All Shankshank, All The Time channel and watch it again. 2. Name a movie that you've seen multiple times in the theater. This one's more interesting! In fact, I'll... Read more →

Porkpie Poem

The weather turned warmer; Joe shaved his head. Right after that, the warmth turned and fled. So of course his noggin kept getting colder, Calling for headwear that was somewhat bolder. Not a knit hat, ball cap, or even a toque -- He knew what he wanted; it wasn't a fluke. He did not want a fedora, homburg, or kippah; No, he needed something that was much hippah. Dizzy Gillespie, you see, was the inspiration... Read more →

Sports and Sort of Sports

It's the runup to the Stanley Cup playoffs -- while my beloved Caps are out of it, we do get to play spoiler. Damn! The Rangers just scored on the Penguins. While I'm not crazy about either team, I gotta go with Pens against the Rangers, because I do not like Jaromir Jagr. I'm not crazy about Sidney Crosby, either, but I dislike Jagr more. Oh, so much more, because he dissed my Caps while... Read more →

Now It Can Be Told

Back in December, I got the following email: Mary, I love your blog. I’d like to discuss a writing opportunity with you. Contact me with your contact information if you’re interested. Thanks. My interest was, as you might imagine, piqued. My scam alert was tingling though, so I checked out the site that the sender referenced. And I called the sender immediately and sent my contact information. In January, I talked to my contact some... Read more →

A Very Different Red Nose

Lately I've been noticing a nice uptick in the hits to this here blog, a circumstance that's bound to make any blogger's head swell just a wee bit. I mean, really -- more readers is a good thing, right? More love for me! More! More! Pretty soon I could be the Dooce of DC, only without the poop talk. But a closer look at the numbers showed me that most of these hits were searches... Read more →

Loose Ends

All righty, I've had this link hanging around since the dental dam, so all you folks who are curious, click away. Don't say I didn't warn you; you may find out more than you wanted to know. Or not. I suspect it's time to get serious about the whole "healthy eating and exercising" deal. For one thing, I'm snoring again, and I have no desire to strap a damn CPAP machine on my snoot again.... Read more →

Good Morning

Good morning. I took out the trash this morning and was greeted by the bright half moon hanging low in the western sky. Venus (or maybe Jupiter?) was right there too, a double whammy of night light. Then I turned to go back in the house, only to see the beginning of the sunrise over in the east. And even though I'd prefer to get up after the sun, seeing the celestial light shows makes... Read more →

Open Wide

It's a good thing I don't have to worry about oral sexually-transmitted diseases (or any sexually-transmitted disease, actually) (thank you very much) because godalmighty, I hate me a dental dam. Yeah, I had to have an old silver filling replaced this morning, because my dentist had a boat payment noticed some decay around it. So I rolled into the plush reclining chair (I really want one for my living room) and offered up my yap... Read more →