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BizSpeak of the Day III

Organizationalize or-gan-uh-ZAY-shun-uh-lize: (verb) To make a part of an organization Example: After examining the new processes and spending the necessary time to understand how they will enable enhanced productivity and efficiency, now we must organizationalize them into the culture. Translated example: Here's the new procedure; follow it from now on. Read more →

Snow Kidding

Well, it's snowing like mad right now. We've been hearing dire predictions of ice and sleet for the past couple of days. I had my regular lunch date/grocery store run/bridge table setup with Mom yesterday. Mom's taken to hedging her bets but neglecting to tell us, so my sister Anne showed up right as Mom, Joe, and I were pulling out of the parking lot on our way to lunch. Sis was not amused, until... Read more →

Feast on This

Feast One Hundred & Thirty Two Appetizer Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it? Well, I have several scars on my body. I have a tiny one on my hand, near my thumb. I got that when I was removing Cub Scout patches from SonnyeBoy's uniform shirt in order to re-sew them on to his bigger uniform shirt. (Geez! The things I did for that kid!) Well, the seam... Read more →

Welcome Back, Wireless

So! A quick trip to the Apple Store and a quick swipe of the credit card and we are back in business. Buying a new Airport Express took longer than installing it. Turn off the Mini, turn off the iBook, turn off the modem. Plug the ethernet cable into the Airport; turn everything on. Prompt: Would you like to join the ragafragitz29b network? Why yes, yes I would. Hello, wireless! Read more →

Ashes to Ashes; Dust to Dust

My sinuses are aching, Joe fell off the washing machine while cleaning out the lint flue, and the nobody had a good commute this morning. I'd say Lent was getting off to a roaring good start. I stopped getting the ashey thumbprint on my forehead years ago, but my memory of one such tagging remains strong. I was no more than 9, I think, young enough to be enamored of the Lenten ritual. My elementary... Read more →

Wherefore Art Thou, Airport?

Alas. I got home Friday and Joe reported the bad news: no internet. Oh dear. He went through the usual drill: turn off, unplug, replug, turn on. Nada. So, of course, I went through the same drill, thinking perhaps that the network would respond differently to my turning off, unplugging, replugging, and turning on. Silly, silly me. The weird thing was that the Airport Express network was showing up just fine. All of the cable... Read more →

Fire, Ice, Sleep

What a week. First, of course, the fire. We haven't gotten an update as yet, although we left voicemail offering sympathy and succor. I am hopeful that no news is good -- or at least not bad -- news. Next, the weather. Snow, ice, slush, ice, cold cold cold. The cold isn't doing my knee any good. Neither is the tricky footing. Sidewalks seem to be clear, and then oops! Where'd that patch of ice... Read more →

Rerun: True Love

Note: This entry was originally written on February 14, 2004 and posted in my late, great (well...) Diary-X diary. It still applies, so here it is. With the approach of Valentine's Day, I've been thinking a bit about love. In writing Girl Clown, I got immersed in remembering one of the Grand Passions of my youth. He was tall, well-built (impressive shoulders!), blonde, not traditionally good looking, but hot as all get out. He was... Read more →

I Only Have Ice For You

This area simply cannot make up its mind regarding its weather. The first murmurings of bad Mother Nature juju started last weekend -- could be snow! Could be much snow! Buy milk, bread, and toilet paper right now before it is all gone and you have to drink fermented orange juice and chew on moldy crusts of two-week old baguette and wipe your ass with pages from old Christmas catalogs! Then, because DC sits smack... Read more →

Gone to Frozen Ashes

Our niece Shanti lives with her husband Alex and two little kids in a sharp valley, deep in the woods outside of Cumberland, Maryland. It's a peaceful, lovely place. Right next door to their home is the mobile home where Alex's mom lives. Up the hill, on top of the ridge, is my sister- and brother-in-law's home. They're in Florida right now. At one o'clock this morning, Alex noticed that it was exceptionally bright outside.... Read more →