Off to Scrap
Working Even in My Dreams

The Closer You Get, the Slower You Go

Whew! Another scrapbook weekend, another album done, another set of birthdays in the books.

As usual, the weekend was lots of work but lots of fun. It's pretty wild to see over 200 women assembled in one huge hotel ballroom scrapping away. Some of them are intensely into this -- they bring their own special lights; they set up racks to hold myriad papers, countless decorative scissors, hundreds of pens; they have squillions of painstakingly printed photographs organized and sorted and partially laid out. Then there are the folks like moi, who schlep miscellaneous scraps of paper, a fistful of photos, and some adhesive into the room and spread it all out in random piles.

Anyway, I was surrounded by a bevy of friendly women, all doing something different, so there was lots of trading of supplies and lots of fun conversation. Meanwhile, Joe was giving seated chair massages to all comers. Last night we went to a great restaurant in nearby Frederick to celebrate our birthdays (Joe's is today, by the way) and had excellent filet mignon and scrumptious desserts. Joe headed for dreamland and I went back into the fray for a couple more hours.

Then, a little after noon today, the snow started. And when it snows in the DC area, everyone immediately goes out of their natural minds and drives into each other.

We were a little hinky, therefore, about driving home. The interstate was in decent shape, though, and the secondary road was okay. We felt pretty damn good about the whole trip until we turned onto the last stretch of road and got stuck behind a wuss who would not drive faster than 20 miles an hour, despite the fact that the road was only slightly slushy.

Proving, once again, Joe's Theory of Proximity: The closer you are to your destination, the slower the traffic goes.